Run Race 3D MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android

Download Run Race 3D MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android ver. 1.9.6
Name: Run Race 3D APK
Version: 1.9.6
Category: Sports
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 100,000,000+
Author: Good Job Games
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Run Race 3D for Android is a good game, assembled confident developer Good Job Games. For run games you should check current software version, smallest system requirement applications conditioned from loadable version. For you - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Sensitively look closely to this criterion, because it is primary requirement publisher. Next evaluate presence at given hardware free space memory, for you minimum format - Varies with device. Suggest your clear more size, than written. During operation application the data will be transferred to memory, that will make it bigger final size. Delete all kinds of bad photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack Run Race 3D for Android, uploaded version - 1.9.6, at site avaible correction from January 21, 2022 - install up-to-date version, there were deleted problems and incorrect operation.


Beautiful graphic component, which crazy coherent enter in game. Cheerful music tracks. Good games conditions.


Complicated control. Large system conditions.

Who advisable transfer Run Race 3D MOD APK?

You like have fun, so given game for you. Without a doubt fits that, who wants cheerful and with useful spend active time, as well as young games fans.


Hello dear developers, please remove this parasha. Why you should delete this game: a lot of bugs, bugs, it is impossible to pass the first level and already 2 months trying to pass the first level. So please, delete the game or, fix the bugs, make an update. Thank you for your attention.
I liked the game in general control easy with it can cope with even a child no bugs or problems with textures, but after a certain level maps are repeated and in the end I got bored if the developers added more maps it would be more interesting to the player who has reached a large level but so the game is good
In general, completely agree with the reviews that it does not work, I look in the description, there android 5 and above, well download, then go in and wait two hours, because just a dark screen, then it seems to start loading, passes 3 seconds and writes an error, and so 2 more times I did so, in the end did not hold back and write this review. Deleting... And although a cool game.... sorry... why write not the truth that android 5 supports, nothing works
The game is good, but ads is horrible after every time advertising so 2 star developers please remove ads!!! And it was very often thrown out of the game! but please remove at least advertisements (before so many ads was not and now even play nicely!
1) terrible control. the character runs, after which it is unclear why he can turn back 2) a bunch of bugs. many times it was just stuck in some object 3) too many extra buttons, which no one uses 4) too many ads. I understand that the game is designed to make money, but advertising pops up in the middle of the game :/ this is very uncomfortable.
Zu vielen Anzeigen! Ich werde einmal eliminiert, einmal... und schon gibt es eine 30 Sekunden Werbung. Es passiert ständig... es gibt kein Ende. Ich schlage vor, dass du die App nicht herunterlädst. Es ist ein tolles Spiel, aber auch die Grafiken sind ehhh... es würde manchmal glitchen und kleinere Probleme haben, aber ich denke immer noch, wenn es sich mit weniger Werbung und akzeptablen Grafiken verbessert, wäre es ein tolles Spiel, für jetzt drei Sterne
This game is just beautiful! Why 2 stars? Just because after four days of normal operation and functionality it stopped working. The game ran and sound was , you could do everything, but not move the bike with your finger. The game stopped responding to touch.
The game is fun in general, but one minus: VERY difficult levels. I tried to pass level 9 39 times, but failed. Crazy and deleted the game.
The game is unstabilized. Sometimes it is not clear what to do (you need training in the beginning at least) Sometimes the character does not listen and runs in the other direction. Yes, and the game itself is monotonous, there is nothing so straight THAT thrilling!
The game is good especially after the update. But still there are bugs. so far I noticed two bugs. 1.When playing for coins I win the first round and I have no button for the next round. So I just lose money! 2.I go first hops over the finish line and it turns out that I lose! These bugs are very unpleasant. Developers please fix them!

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