TOP 100+ Hacks (Mods) Games for Android 2023

Hacks (Mods) Games for Android - a variant of games in which there are no restrictions on the amount of money earned, open levels, characters and other.

The catalog presents hacked arcades, shooters, action, racing and other genres. There are mods in English or Russian, with online mode, working without internet and others.

There are hacks with a private server, built-in cache. If there is a cached archive on the page of the hacked video game, you need to download, unzip and install the OBB file on Android. Without the cache hack will not work.

There are "all open" mods, which are fully or partially unlocked paid features. Full versions of the games are analogous to the previous version of the hacks. The mods open the entire list of heroes, levels, items, skins, and other. Hacks with partially unlocked features mean the removal of restrictions only from the list of units, skins and other.

Mods "a lot of money", "infinite ammo" and other similar options hacks come in two varieties. The first type includes hacks in which the balance is credited a large amount of virtual currency (coins, crystals, diamonds, and so on), ammunition, energy and so on. The second type of mods - hacked video games, where at the time of purchase in the store items written off the account is not carried out. There is another name for such hacks - free purchases.

Menu mods combine several variants of hacks. When installing such a hacked application, the player himself decides which cheats to use.

From the site you can download to Android rare types of mods - hacked video games with immortality mode, slow-moving enemies, non-aggressive monsters and others. The small popularity of such hacks is due to the difficulty of making changes in the code of the game and the peculiarities of the genre.

Situations when the user is trying to download the latest version of the mod from the Android website, but the antivirus does not report the suspiciousness of the file are not excluded. The situation is explained by the fact that when creating a hack, changes are made to the code by a special program that contains a Trojan virus. To download the installation file of a hacked video game and install a suspicious mod on your Android phone, tablet, you need to disable antivirus protection. Responsibility for the consequences of such actions lies on the owner of the Android device.