My Little Pony Pocket Ponies MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download My Little Pony Pocket Ponies MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 2021.1.0
Name: My Little Pony Pocket Ponies APK
Version: 2021.1.0
Category: Casual
OS: Requires Android - 4.1 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
Author: Budge Studios
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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My Little Pony Pocket Ponies for Android is a cool game, assembled confident author Budge Studios. For installation games you would be useful examine your software version, indispensable system compliance applications conditioned from downloadable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.1 and up. Serious look closely to specified item, because it is key recourse author. After this evaluate occurrence at your smartphone vacant size memory, for you required size - 44M. Recommend your release more space, than claimed. During operation application information will be loaded to memory, that will increase final volume. Unload all kinds of stupid photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack My Little Pony Pocket Ponies for Android, current version - 2021.1.0, at portal avaible version from October 15, 2021 - install new modification, in it were deleted glitches and crashes.


Beautiful graphic, which very harmoniously fit in game. Funny a piece of music. Attractive games conditions.


Complicated control. Large system needs.

Who needed pick up My Little Pony Pocket Ponies MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, it follows from downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who wants cool and with interest spend free time, as well as young games fans.


Dear developers the game is certainly good,
The game is very good just do some kind of tests on some ponies.
The game is very good and cute !!! Got two mini ponies of level 20, got to Pinkie Pie, Gummy is very cool and cute and Luna too but there is one big minus: very often pops up a table of ads about the game, they are so annoying please developers fix it
The game is cool, but there are some downsides.
The game is cool, but I would have liked to stay crystals (5 at least) in the pony master and add friends to the pony code (to use their friends pony, take pony friends for free) but in general 5/5 stars!
Why is it so hard to play the game it is impossible to pass well of course if you have easy ponies ha-ha give me 4 because it is difficult
Funny, I downloaded it for my sister, but there is a minus she stopped giving levels and tasks, but I will not lower the grade.
Game wow for me✨✨✨ but there is one minus - it is difficult to get gems. But otherwise the game
Thank you for this game creators I love everything here thank you I say for the 3rd time thank you for everything.
Die erbärmliche Menge an Bits, die man verdient, bedeutet, dass man so lange grinden muss, bis man einfach keine Lust mehr hat zu spielen, dass man sich nicht traut, sie für irgendetwas anderes auszugeben als für das Aufleveln seiner Ponys UND DANN ist man gezwungen, auch nach dem Aufleveln weiter zu grinden, weil man es sich nicht leisten kann, für das Level zu bezahlen, wenn man es erreicht hat! Es sei denn, man bezahlt echtes Geld für die Beutekits, was die meisten Kids nicht tun können. Nicht cool. Viele der Rätsel scheinen auch zu schwer zu sein, als dass Kinder sie lösen könnten. Es wäre gut, wenn man einen Schwierigkeitsgrad einstellen könnte.
Der Level, der einen zwingt, nur eine Farbe (Orange) zu spielen, hat das Spiel komplett zerstört. Die Chance, einen orangefarbenen Charakter zu haben, der die Stufe abschließen kann, ist sehr gering. Selbst der Kauf der Spielwährung und das Öffnen von Packs ist nicht hilfreich, weil die Chance, diese Farbe zu bekommen, immer noch gering ist. Ich habe 10 der besten Packs gekauft und nie eine orangefarbene Figur bekommen. 4 der 10 Packungen, die ich geöffnet habe, endeten damit, dass ich immer wieder denselben Charakter bekam. Ab sofort ist das Spiel nicht mehr spielbar.
The game is great, but it started to have some glitches. Playing a round, using the superpower. And then the character hangs in the middle of the screen, and the enemies are coming! And twice during the exchange of ponies that are already there, 20 crystals as if given, but they are somewhere apparently on the way to do a "wrong turn" ... "Expert" made up, collected 37 ponies, and then these glitches. Frustrated karocha

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