Rento MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download Rento MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 6.6.2
Name: Rento APK
Version: 6.6.2
Category: Board
OS: Requires Android - 8.1 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
ScreenShots Youtube Video
Download Hack Rento MOD APK? ver. 6.6.2Download Hack Rento MOD APK? ver. 6.6.2Download Hack Rento MOD APK? ver. 6.6.2Download Hack Rento MOD APK? ver. 6.6.2


Rento for Android is a popular game, published tried and tested creative team LAN GAMES LTD. For run application you must examine your operating system, indispensable system requirement games varies from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 8.1 and up. Housekeeping take a look to specified criterion, because it is first claim programmers. Next evaluate occurrence at your smartphone vacant volume memory, for you minimum volume - 143M. Suggest your release more space, than required. In progress usage games information will be save to memory, that will complement final size. Delete all kinds of unwanted photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Rento for Android, available version - 6.6.2, at page avaible version from February 8, 2022 - download recent modification, there were deleted problems and hiccups.


Excellent graphic component, which very coherent enter in game. Cheerful music tracks. Entertaining games conditions.


Complicated control. Heavy system conditions.

Who needed install Rento MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, then downloaded game for you. Definitely will fit that, who intends cheerful and with benefit spend free time, as well as motivated to players.


We were playing as a family and it started to lag. Jumping moves, bluetooth drops out, no in-game recovery on the bluetooth. Uninstall!
A lot of glitches, sometimes throws out of the game just like that, often in the game at all impossible luck happens, no balance ... Ads pop up all the time. Today in the game I declared bankruptcy and left it, started another game, but then suddenly I began to throw out of the second game and load into the first game in the end undeserved loss ...
disgusting random number algorithm. it is impossible to play with bots. they never even change. everything is aimed to ignite excitement and, as long as possible, to prolong the game.
Great monopoly, nice graphics, music, everything works smoothly.
Sometimes it slows down. Cubes are thrown by themselves during transaction/auction. No lands are bought when you click the buy button. These are the kind of bugs
Play interesting, but with a long game there are glitches. The numbers of money stop updating, moves do not match the dice, etc.
After installing this game, the phone began to slow down a lot, even when not running the game that only did not do: - clean cache - clean memory - unloaded ozu - rebooted the phone - on viruses checked Decided to remove the last installed applications in turn, and found that the whole system loaded this game. I do not know how, but even not running it did not let you use the phone
If you bet 1000 and 5 of the most difficult, then at the end I am left with a bot, but to win it is not provided by the developers, only minuses and bad luck, and the bot in the end in 10 and 10 will be rich and wins the game.12/01/2019 has become many times worse.
When will they fix bots walking on 6 squares instead of 3? When will they fix bugs and disappearance of opponents on the map? When will the update on iPhones and Androids be the same with new content? WHEN WILL THE NEW CONTENT BE AVAILABLE?
I bet for the ads that can not close. Played a long time, and came out ads, could not close, opened it, went back into the game, and all that I clicked with my labor is gone)))=)
The game is so stupid that the problem started in registration, with a choice of nickname, each option is either busy or not suitable I used a half hour random nickname generators, to somehow play, but all attempts are even, because all options were rejected, the developers can not even properly write the requirements for nickname, or offer alternative nickname, which is not busy, and with which you can start playing
After the last update the game does not work, writes that it is impossible to enter, asks for an Internet connection, although the Internet is present.
In general, cool game.I have a game similar to this.I used to ask everyone to play monopoly with me.But all said, "No I do not have time go play yourself. "So I went to the Internet and accidentally found this game.Then I was 10 years.And now 16 and now I play with tears in my eyes remembering my childhood.Thank rabrootchiki for such a great game.Respect!!!
Disgusting! The game is absolutely not fair, those who donate they will fart all the time. Not to mention the advertising and cheaters who help each other, breaking the logic of the game. In addition, the game bugs because of which the game lags, and at some points and everything starts to stutter. The game is terrible, not anyone do not advise, just lose time, as one game lasts about 2 hours and be sure even if you bought half of the map, if you do not buy, at the end of the game itself budit game play against you!
Es könnte ein besseres Spiel sein, aber es endet jedes Mal abrupt. Ich habe noch nie ein Spiel damit beendet. Bitte beheben Sie diesen Fehler.
left the room, because I did not see the point of completing the game, started a new game. a few moves later I am thrown out of the new game and returns to the old one. left, and the opportunity to connect to the last party is not and only a new game to start
Loved the game! But now that there are ads during the game, it covers the control buttons and part of the playing field and play the full game has become impossible!!!!
Great game. Add the use of cards after a piece (like a robot). Add to the settings the choice of permanent chip color. After leaving the minus, sometimes the word "bankruptcy" does not disappear. Fix this problem.
Good game.Too bad there are no other quality board games in the play market.It would be a hit.Especially if you come up with a game with the ability to download board games and play them with other players.And that even top was the animation of the original gameplay (such as pictures of cards absolutely the same as in life, etc.Thanks for the game.Not enough quality and convenience
The game is great, you can play with friends naturally. Slightly slows down, but it does not particularly interfere with the game. Why 4 stars? I do not give a coin (I did a lot of cleansing, but I did not give them.( Fix it please

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