Panzer War MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android

Download Panzer War MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android ver. 2022.1.1.5
Name: Panzer War APK
Version: 2022.1.1.5
Category: Action
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 100,000+
Author: ShanghaiWindy
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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Panzer War for Android is a popular game, developed authoritative team of programmers ShanghaiWindy. For run games you must test installed software version, desirable system claim applications varies from downloadable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Serious take a look to specified item, because it is key rule programmers. Then check presence at given device vacant volume memory, for you smallest size - 74M. Suggest your clear more volume, than needed. In progress usage games the data will be save to memory, that will complement final volume. Unload all kinds of unwanted photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Panzer War for Android, current version - 2022.1.1.5, at portal avaible correction from January 3, 2022 - install recent modification, here were removed defects and incorrect operation.


Beautiful picture, which unparalleled plastically included in game. Cheerful musical tunes. Attractive games tasks.


Complicated control. Impressive system needs.

Who advisable download Panzer War MOD APK?

Love have fun, it follows from given game for you. Definitely will like that, who intends great and with interest spend active time, as well as young users.


The game is really addictive!!! A copy of Blitz. But dear developers, please do please in the game to be able to increase the scope, because so not convenient)! Make a real krypt modules, and add AMX50B, tanks cool offline) And add more maps!) And make the game was at least 8x8 . And that when you play the tanks are endless, but so everything is fine!!!! please add multiplicity of the sight!!!!
The game is perfect, perfection down to every tiny detail. There is a little advice on techniques that can be added: 1. More airplanes. Plain and simple. 2. More anti-aircraft guns. More airplanes will have to be dealt with somehow. 3. Bring people back, it was fun! 4. More helicopters. I also advise you to make small changes in the mechanics: make it so that anti-aircraft guns take auto-aim immediately to the aircraft, pointing is impossible. And make it so that bots control air vehicles. Good luck!
Great game, you can play without internet. No annoying ads, like the nayavnost mods. Management and optimization is lame. I wish good luck to the developer
So far this is one of the best tank simulators (for airplanes and helicopters are not needed here at all) in my opinion. Graphics is certainly not the best, and physics too, but the system of downloading mods directly in the game is just awesome. In this game you can ride just on any technique and in different modes. Pleased and multiplayer, which is even divided into several. But the armor system is a little lame, well, in general, tanks Mark IV can not penetrate the IS, but "classmates" ISa penetrate, and even light tanks. Overall waiting for an update
Those who give 5 stars are bots.
I put 3 stars only because of one, I used to play this game back when there were no airplanes and helicopters so I put 3 only because I do not know where the vafentrager auf e100 disappeared. Here from this minus follows the question of when and why he disappeared on it was cool to play!
The game is top, but lacks module damage, rem kits, concussion and crew deaths, arson, 2-3 maps. I understand that this game is made by 1 person, but still looking forward to the introduction of these additions, at least in the form of a mod. The game is worth 5 stars⭐
Dear Developer. Can you please add arson tank, wounded crew, damage to the turret and engine. Thank you in advance.
The game is pretty cool. But .... there is one but.When I tested STRV42to I noticed there tanks on the type: T-35, APC 90 (if I am not mistaken) and others.I thought,wow new tanks,I look in the game menu,but they are not there,restart the game,the same situation,I want to see those tanks in the test menu technology,I wish you luck
Hello add pj shows where he hit from the side where someone was wounded by shrapnel from the crew graphics cards and large maps and trees zdelay e normal and that the corpses of tanks are not lost and players when they played a long time ago they had those tanks that they downloaded and that recently played for them all this pump all tanks, planes, helicopters and yes add zinikti anti-tank guns and camouflages that would be clearly visible and bushes and 3 D camouflages and who has a tank has a bullet[T he should shoot!
The game is very good and interesting only I do not like that if you take in general any technique then the crew speaks Chinese I do not like it, I take the Russian equipment and I want to hear: hit but did not penetrate, the mistakes of learning buddy, we still will be back, armor is not broken, there is penetration, hits, etc.
Tough game bomb game after the update graphics are beautiful
Why when you want to watch ads that would get the tank then always shows "no ads" fix the bug please!
The game is bomba and now add a pikhota, store, modules that break, but one caterpillar and sometimes I break and please make modules pzhe pzhe pzhe pzhe
Make another update make immune realistic and that there were tanks damage scanner where I hit all sorts of smoke bombs because of the weight to be all good make another new update make another New Year already make a new update make so that there was more realistic to be normal developer make a new update in the Tango Destruction Simulator Let there be normal tanks make another update want to have normal graphics not only shot but also to penetrate
The game is amazing! One of the best games about tanks! Only a BUT!: When you play over WiFi you play, and after a while everything hangs... You can not go anywhere, you have to constantly reload the game! Fix it please!
The game is very good especially with player mods! I would like you to add bushes (so they can be hung on the tanks.) I would also like to dobotat punching the tank for example I play on p1000 (Ratta) with penetration in 700mm does not pierce roughly speaking cardboard tank and on this all!
Game vprincepe klass but the voice crew should work with the crew, polomu that as Button says a man with a closed nose and so the game is normal.
The game is normal after the update, though with the help of mods I made new tanks and started lagging, ish at the moment I have to re-load the game, just put four stars because I have not found cheiftein and if not hard, can make (to developers appeal) that the tanks could explore, yes there are tanks that need to explore, but I want to do as in blitz, if not hard to do please, thanks in advance. And yes the game is cool especially when the ass is on fire in the blitz from the team can play this game 5s.
The game is very cool. If a few minor flaws, well, all normal. But I have after about 5 hours of playing the game began to crash, reinstall, but still crashes. Developers, please fix this bug.
The game is good, but made by 2, why 3? For the efforts of not convenient and confused control, I would like better optimization, because on the ultra and the maximum number of frizit bots, Russian language is made garbage that half discourages play, but to kill time will do
Very good game, I have been playing for 2 weeks, with mods very cool. Pros: A lot of tanks and so you do not get bored, a lot of modes, a lot of good physics maps, well, good graphics and more. Cons: found a bug on the map of the village if you go to the hill and climb up any stone you get stuck, but you can go out, but difficult, I like the advice.
Good project would not be bad to complement the strategic mode with different buildings and additional units, as in the classic stratshkazh. It would also be nice to improve the quality of optimization. And so the game really liked it.
Chelno game normal, but there is a minyy for example: a strange system of tanking, aiming (if visible circle) and riding.
Hello development game is beautiful, I want you to add a tank object 260, I want you to change the different languages and graphics and graphics on the tank. Then the online game I want you to change the location of the connection to the server to fight as well as offline mode, add to play with my friends in revenge lobby against players and against bots and one on one add voices. The game is good and not boring without internet and internet is not boring at all ☺️
Downloaded, came in, no training, no Russian language, some hieroglyphs on the sides of the screen.Graphics three.How to play it is not clear.Tanks Blitz on much steeper.Do not recommend.Do not waste your time on this semblance of a game.

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