Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android

Download Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android ver. 5.35.0
Name: Clash of Empire: Empire Age APK
Version: 5.35.0
Category: Strategy
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
Download Hack Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK? ver. 5.35.0Download Hack Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK? ver. 5.35.0Download Hack Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK? ver. 5.35.0Download Hack Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK? ver. 5.35.0


Clash of Empire: Empire Age for Android is a great game, assembled verified author LEME GAMES. For installation games you must test your Android version, necessary system requirement games conditioned from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Housekeeping look closely to this criterion, because it is key recourse programmers. Next evaluate occurrence at given hardware unused volume memory, for you smallest volume - 139M. Recommended your release more volume, than needed. In progress operation application information will be loaded to memory, that will increase final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, cheap videos and unimportant applications. Hack Clash of Empire: Empire Age for Android, available version - 5.35.0, at site avaible loading from January 21, 2022 - install latest version, where were corrected problems and hiccups.


Beautiful picture, which unparalleled plastically included in game. Cool musical tunes. Fascinating games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system conditions.

Who advisable download Clash of Empire: Empire Age MOD APK?

You like have fun, therefore given game for you. Definitely fits that, who intends fun and with useful spend active time, as well as mature users.


This Total War game is certainly a very good system. There are many beautiful and great action games in the system. It fully meets the requirements and quality of our youth for a Total War game. It is worth playing with everyone.
Dear developers game top but there is 1 big minus when make please rodvinutomu set tolko hit hero cards no resources no other and that is difficult to kapit gold cards
No payment initialization, what to do? Found a way. 1. Run the game, see if the payment in dollars, the payment will not pass. 2. Turn off the game, not to leave the game but to turn off (by clicking the cross as if you were closing the browser) 3. Restart the game and prices will be in rubles, so the payment passes. 4. But when you break the internet, or when the connection is resumed, everything becomes again in dollars and payment does not go, you have to do all of the above again.
Good game mainly graphics and interface, I put 2 * for not finalized system of troops, a terrible system of heroes from the classes all players have the same hero no variety and interest in it is not . Rework the heroes because the class B is not in demand level all the heroes on experience and the system of classes B A S replace with classes (cavalry guards archers siege and more), and in the system of troops to refine at one level opened on 2 war barracks example ( copier guard), etc.
A fun and not greasy game about the conflict between empires, simple controls, clear and smooth screen, a good way to kill time. The Clash of Empires game is a lot of fun, the graphics are fresh and natural, and there are many ways to play. The girl will like it too, very distinctive
He was recommended to me by a friend. After I played it, I felt that the details of the game screen are handled very well and the gameplay is very realistic. If you play well, you can earn a lot of gold coins. This is a classic.
You can recommend it to your friends to play together. You can play this strategy game regardless of your age. It is very simple, the graphics are too subtle and it is really very good.
The developers ruined the whole game with their latest update. Now for the capture of the tents you get many times fewer resources and, accordingly, there will be fewer of them to develop. And this is done on purpose, so that you buy them. In this game now rules only donate. Do not advise install. So much wasted time.
Developers! The game is very good, but interesting only in the early stages of the game. Farther stagnation, please bring in new content for those who have already pumped up to castles 20+ level, because of this stagnation loses interest in the game. Alliances make alliances and battles converge to nothing, there is no one to fight, except in inter-server war, but that is not it, the alliances have to fight each other, please do something about it!
all fine, but the troops are monotonous, differing only in level, so most of the lowlevel troops passable, you spent time on what the players even look, and would have made each level of troops special, for example, lowlevel has faster collection higher, medium has a higher payload, and so on, then the game would be more interesting, more diverse
Russification of the game at the level of Yandex Translator 10. A lot of useless bots 1 level that sucks up the map. fight with mobs goes to an unknown formula (the recommended strength of 108 my strength army 168 I lose) after updating writes New Version is running. Go to upgrade? Clicking to go and there is a page in the PM where there is no button upgrade. I decided to delete and download again, did not help. Another crap without any innovative improvements.
Cool game. But as always, there is a BUT. The 1st BUT is donat, what kind of prices? How do you build a pricing policy in the game, just translated prices from dollars to rubles? Ezhe is not realistic, I have to raise gold mines gold semi-annual salary to give. This is just ppts. 2e BUT the only normal way to raise the status was to raise the level of farms, cut the hell out that even without money was not realistic to do it. Voobshchem doubt that I will stay in the game for a long time, in fact, already a lot of players leave
Hello developers two stars because there are three problems 1 why is it possible to build only one farm in Ayansai and can not build 4 - this is a mistake 2 why is it possible to build only 4 garbage barns and not many and 3 why is it impossible to travel to other servers before the event began I would like you in the next update fix it thank you for the early
Strategy is also very playable, other war games get tired after a while of playing. This war game will not repeat content. You have to test yourself. Pretty challenging. Also smooth during the game. These problems will not occur.
Guys, this is the second update in a row with bugs. Is this becoming a good tradition? With the last update feedback form is unavailable, no response on Facebook. Can not send a squad to collect in the super alliance mine, destroyed it, tried to place a new one... Says and I already have one, you can not more)))) . What do you have there students interns programmers? P.S. war of empires also does not start. Fix it finally!!! Where to write more do not know!!!
The most problematic game of all existing, tech support here can not be called, the eternal problems in locations, with each update only worse, all tied to donate, and hard. Asians with their infusions of funds just kill the kingdoms and desire to play this kind of game, prices for all sorts of game needs as if tied to the world stock and oil, do not recommend pumping, wasting your time, and by the way, for failures in the game miserable compensation, I hope you will soon roll back your pathetic creation!!!!!!!!
game great thanks to the developers)) but dear developers, please fix bugs in the game and then play unbearable, then the reports do not come the force of troops jumping is not clear how, and resources are not passed from the bag and much more! and if possible please add more events that was not boring to just sit there, say, personal or for the alliance in addition to the gold event, and please add to the awards speed up as with them in general is the problem and so will encourage to do events.
A very sophisticated military empire game! The visuals are also very good! The scene changes! Also very nice! I hope we will have more of these free war empire games. Interaction with other people
The game is very good but for some reason says to restore the account dear developers Fix please. I want to kill a monster but can not get any way to say need to bind the account unfortunately Thanks a lot

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