Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 1.2.81
Name: Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline APK
Version: 1.2.81
Category: Strategy
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
Author: IP Dmitri Isaenkov
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline for Android is a quality game, produced influential developer IP Dmitri Isaenkov. For unzipped games you must examine your operating system, desirable system requirement applications varies from mountable version. For your device - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Grounded take a look to given value, because it is key claim author. Next check presence at your hardware unused size memory, for you smallest volume - 78M. Recommended your clear more space, than written. In progress usage application information will be loaded to memory, that will make it bigger final volume. Move all kinds of old photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline for Android, current version - 1.2.81, at site avaible update from October 21, 2021 - install updated modification, in it were removed glitches and incorrect operation.


Colourful picture, which very harmonious included in game. Funny music tracks. Entertaining games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system conditions.

Who needed transfer Ancient Planet Tower Defense Offline MOD APK?

You like have fun, it follows from given game for you. Definitely will fit that, who intends good and with interest spend free time, as well as young games fans.


Chic visual presentation and design, pleasing new detailed drawn improvements of the fantasy world, inspiring the imagination, it would seem such a simple game, but so much quality is presented with constantly new details, fueling interest.
Works great. Without donation can be passed, but difficult. I noticed some peculiarity of cannons: machine guns can skip distant enemies, but bombard healers.
The game is interesting and surprisingly in balance between donating and farming, you can get through in 5 days without stressing. At the moment when it is bumped in upgrades always have the opportunity to farm an easy map on the level below which you run for 3 minutes. Survival is broken. On convenient maps you can pass 100+ waves on other maps further 7-9 is impossible. There are no statistics of achievements globally. In general, given the humor of screensavers and the quality of graphics to kill 5-7 evenings worth.
Random fallout of game currency from the fighters is just a mockery in one and the same level can be on the first wave fall out 2-3 coins and then 10-15 games will be you a coin fall out at 5-8 waves and because of what to pass the level is impossible. And random focus Turelii is something! When in the front is a healer he is beaten and then he overtakes another unit and Turelii beat him and under the three healers he is invulnerable and they can not kill anything except random coins which NO!
In general, up to 9 cards can play interesting, difficult. At map 9 you stupidly plummet to 3 locations, plummet without options, and the dumbest thing that would have to play further you need 240 diamonds to start the game from the moment of plum. You can not buy upgrades, the game is plumed, and you have to pay money to start the game at the moment of pluming. I have not seen more stupid money scam, and there is no telling how many times they will make you do it.
The game quickly gets bored, few towers, few enemy units, the variety in the models of course there, but they are monotypic. Can not pass the level? Then you need to go through the old ones, 10 times.
Paris on the last map is impossible to pass, even with all the upgrades. Those who can not pass the level from the lack of pumping - pass over and over again the first level, where it is almost impossible to build towers. You can get an average of 20 coins for the winnings and pumping weapons. Always pump the concrete block first, curing it will help you.
First half of the norm, I would even say a little, easy, then exactly half of the sharp increase in difficulty, ie classic paywall - or buy crystals or long and hard to farm the previous levels to get further.
A cool game, a great time-killer for fans of the Tower Defence genre. Great emphasis on the donat, without it really hard, correctly write that after the second map without it further can not.
I generally all towers in defense.You can improve the tower and weapons with a fortress.razlichnye enemies, the task of containing the enemy.for coins you can buy towers.Grab different planets.gameplay is not bad, graphics will do.Try it, play, I recommend
The game is moderately hard, little green crystals, made very nice eye pleasing, the soundtrack is not intrusive, stuck at 5.2 level in all possible and impossible ways tested various strategies, pumping in three pots t2 and 6ka guns and machine guns level 2 in conjunction with the slowing towers can not overcome the wave 14, spent a day all previous levels were 3 stars, and this and can not pass
I have passed this game, the last level passed dozens of times, just a masterpiece. The only thing I did not need the rocket launchers and weakeners for nothing. In general, made with love, against the other super. Except for a few unbalanced levels, everything else is fine.
I reached the third level 5 map on my own. And here it all ends (meaning their own forces) game can not pass if you do not put your hard-earned money. Would have been better if they had made it payable I might have bought. But this approach discourages. Uninstalling (.
The game is almost unrealistic to pass some levels. What would it take to pass to improve the towers for the crystals that are not enough to pump and pass the level.
Maximum meaningless game that is absolutely impossible to play without pouring a lot of money! And even with the most pumped towers, base, etc. you just can not pass the story, which would be further to play in survival mode... do not waste your time, do not download it
The game is interesting! I do not understand why the further you play,the stronger the enemies,and the rewards are not! Why production of silver does not increase, why can not make a few productions, why there is no explanation on the type of weapons and who it kills, why improvement initially ONLY for the diamonds and why silver and gold are not copied????! The monotonous type of playthrough is a bit annoying.No ads yet at all. The game is perfect for killing time,so three stars.

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