King of Avalon: Dominion MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download King of Avalon: Dominion MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 12.8.0
Name: King of Avalon: Dominion APK
Version: 12.8.0
Category: Strategy
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 50,000,000+
Author: Century Games Publishing
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King of Avalon: Dominion for Android is a quality game, made reliable author Century Games Publishing. For unzipped games you must examine your Android version, minimum system claim games depends from loadable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Grounded look closely to this condition, because it is key claim publisher. Next evaluate occurrence at personal hardware vacant size memory, for you required volume - 529M. Suggest your release more volume, than claimed. In progress operation application the data will be loaded to memory, that will raise final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack King of Avalon: Dominion for Android, current version - 12.8.0, at site avaible loading from January 26, 2022 - run latest modification, there were edited errors and crashes.


Juicy graphic component, which very harmoniously enter in game. Cool a piece of music. Attractive games conditions.


Not clear control. Heavy system conditions.

Who recommended pick up King of Avalon: Dominion MOD APK?

Love have fun, therefore downloaded game for you. Especially will fit that, who intends fun and with benefit spend unoccupied time, as well as active users.


In terms of the employment of the genre, the game is very diverse, as is the employment in it. And this is the only plus! Balance in the game NO! Jump on the map an order of magnitude stronger players and just beat everyone who is weaker, only recover, and it is far from one hour, you immediately smashed. Battles of the dragon spirits, I am level 20, and I go opponent 50 .... And so on all the time. Also the game is strongly sharpened on the donation, even events that would completely fulfill the need to unrealistically invest! The game is not worth that to play it P.S. 18 citadel
Error 1001, 1003 not eliminated for a year!!!!!!! I can not enter the game for a year! Guys, do not even waste time and in any case do not spend money, because at any moment you all just lose.
The developers can not optimize the game, dumb on terrible, never released an update from the first time without errors, hangs and other problems, the game itself is interesting, it is a pity only that spoils the picture of the endless possession of real money. either pay, or you have nothing to do there....
The game is interesting, but without donation, no way at all. Who wants to start playing, keep in mind. Yes, you can develop to a certain uroaniya, yes you will spend a few months on it. But after will come to the realization that except as a feeder for those who donate, you can not be anything. All the good uniforms, all the interesting things you can buy only for money, and without these things, you will again be an active feeder. This is how the game is built, there is no balance at all, especially after the latest updates.
The game is nothing. Battles are mathematical, what affects the victory is impossible to understand. A lot of resources and reinforcements, but they mean nothing. Stronger opponent not only crushes you, but also loot, that you accumulated several days. Played for a reward in another game, made a castle 24 level, but did not get the award. Bastards.
The last week the game constantly hangs and it is very stressful, the whole event of the fever can be said to have passed in lags and lack of entry into the game yes and compensation of course at the "height" 1k gold 50 bottles and something else.Players buy packages for a lot of money so be kind to invest some part in the game and not just in your pocket because this is not the first time you screwed up the game what was worth the university and dragon skills is so that the first remembered and they were a lot.1 star and that with a stretch(((((
The game is good, but there are huge disadvantages: 1. Constantly some errors. 2. Lag on the lag. 3. Without donation - very difficult and boring! And much more!!! Frustrating. The idea and "story" on excellent. Execution - alas.
Error 1001, 1003 not eliminated for a year!!!!!!! I can not enter the game for a year! Guys, do not even waste time and in any case do not spend money, because at any moment you all just lose.
The game is cool, I like it. But there is one thing. I have when the platz is completely filled with troops (with 4k troops) writes that the maximum number of troops is 15k. This is extremely strange. For where do the troops go further? And so the game is great. If someone has lag, then perhaps the phone| tablet is weak. I have one question. Is it allowed by the rules of the game, to play on 1 account with two devices? Just to play at home on one device, and outside the house on the phone
The game is really not bad, even went into it about 3 years ago, and now from advertising to donate) Good soundtrack, donation is quite expensive for small pluses that a huge plus, people in chat can help if you are new. Optimization is also good, I do not know what the negativity in the bad reviews. I would like less text and everything in the training (the beginning), because immediately the opinion appears that the game is bad, and so in general pulls 5 stars).
Bug 1: In the latest update, in the War of the Alliance now do not see squads. Bug 2: If you go into messages System game crashes with a connection error.Bravo. + The game sometimes hangs in a new challenge.
One lag, the event goes emblem enhancement, worth a badge to increase em max p1 want p2 writes this emblem can not become a material to create, remove
After the update the number of buildings decreased. Yesterday again updated and went back, only resources became less in number but infirmaries and bivouacs more. Now I spend time and resources to rebuild everything again. (All flights were built at maximum quantity and level). Bugs are concrete. The game is frustrating. Why then donate? Stavlyu 2 stars, if you do not solve the problem at all will remove all and delete the game.
The game is on fire.
Playing for a long time, and first here was a good review, but now a formidable)) After all the updates often gives an error connecting to the network, I killed my army because of this error (threw reinforcements when the game crashed) and strong dead in the bark, almost no events, although at the same time in other they occur, with each kingdom is worse and worse ... stamped them every other day, many go from one to another. Release finally a new lunar kingdom!))
For some reason they began to collect personal data about movements, coordinates of location, requests in browsers and other stuff (p. 11 knowing the MAC-address of the smartphone network card, you can track the movement of any owner of the phone with Wi-Fi turned on. Anyone can track the devices appearing in the wireless network coverage area). And for unknown 3rd parties. Very strange conditions for a strategy game.
I wanted to put 1 star, but I put 2 for the graphics, gameplay and controls because the game alone minuses continuous donation, all very long to build so the game becomes very tedious and boring. Balance is absent as a stronger player always attacks the weaker, and therefore have to always sit under the shield, overslept and did not put the shield, all pishishishila lost gather the resources again and the shield in most cases have to buy the money.
The game itself is colorful, but donate it, with an emphasis on pumping your money. If you have developed: no roulette will not fall out anything good-you can check. But your farm or a player of small development will fall just the right materials for development. Bottom line: the game is built on donate, but perebit donat you will not give by taking away from you need artifacts or materials. You can play but not more. Akk while for the sake of communication with friends. Then get rid of just right, not the game where a lot of incentive)
Colorful, addictive and interesting in the beginning of the game. With the investment of money is much easier to live. I played for a month, developed three castles and heroes to a fairly high level (4th place in the kingdom rankings) and was coming out on top in events. But after a certain level it got boring. There is no dynamics, at high levels all the fun - to bash the weaker players. The strong usually do not fight each other, preferring to negotiate. And the constant arms race, there is no sense that you have finally developed and now begin to play peacefully. Also fatiguing need to go into the game several times a day and monitor the situation. Do not want to live and work in the game. Strongly interfere, especially when playing from a phone, advertising blinking and flashing buttons leading into the store. It is clear that this helps sales, but it also reduces the pleasure of the game.
Ich habe das Spiel im Jahr 2016 gespielt und eine Menge Arbeit investiert, aber jetzt sind die ganzen Spieldaten völlig nutzlos, weil ich mich nicht durch die Königreiche bewegen kann. Apropos über Königreiche hinweg bewegen. Ich habe ein neues Königreich kurz nach dem Limit erstellt, um mit meinen Freunden in 10325 zu spawnen, jetzt stecke ich in 10326 fest und kann nicht rüberziehen, weil es ein "graues Königreich" ist.
Das war ein großartiges Spiel..... Bis ich mich nicht mehr einloggen konnte..... Der Kundenservice braucht ewig, um das Problem zu beheben.... Bis sie das Problem behoben haben, habe ich meine ganze harte Arbeit verloren.
There are not enough refinements. Very sorry that there is no way to change the kingdom. I would also like to expand trade or exchange. And most importantly no one to stand up for when attacked by still small alliances. Maybe it would make sense to put in the same kingdom players are about equal in development.
The impression is negative after the updates! Only the prices have raised on everything...I doubt new players will appear...Any combat weapons can only be purchased for real...I have a basis for example in the crucible prokacha two times stronger than the farm...and pass the same... Previously, it was possible to get stones for the various quests...Now it is impossible...How can the developers not understand what turnover! Or are far from it...All bet on the minimum players...although they are not few...Make the game accessible to all!
Downloaded the game to do the task, the game is interesting. But I was faced with the fact that there is no charge for the diamonds for the task performed in the game Chronicles of Chaos.downloaded the game, came to level 12 city as in the quest. Chronicles of the task is listed in the process and the award and did not come. I was advised to check the status of the job, but the screenshot shows that he is in progress ... Please resolve this issue! waiting!!!!

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