NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android

Download NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android ver. 6.0.30
Name: NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK
Version: 6.0.30
Category: Sports
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 100,000,000+
Download Hack NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK? ver. 6.0.30Download Hack NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK? ver. 6.0.30Download Hack NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK? ver. 6.0.30Download Hack NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK? ver. 6.0.30


NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball for Android is a popular game, released prestigious creative team ELECTRONIC ARTS. For installation application you must check your software version, indispensable system requirement games depends from downloadable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Sensitively take a look to this value, because it is head claim programmers. After this evaluate presence at personal tablet vacant space memory, for you smallest format - Varies with device. Recommend your release more size, than written. In the moment operation application information will be loaded to memory, that will complement final size. Unload all kinds of old photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball for Android, provided version - 6.0.30, at site avaible correction from January 24, 2022 - install recent version, where were corrected glitches and hiccups.


Excellent picture, which very plastically enter in game. Funny music tracks. Good games tasks.


Bad control. Heavy system conditions.

Who advisable transfer NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, it turns out downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who intends good and with interest spend active time, as well as motivated users.


The game is very good, I advise everyone to download, but, I do not like only one thing. Why, when at the very beginning, choose for what team you play, for example, I chose "BULLS", and gives their platform and jerseys, over time I got bored with this logo to play, and I changed to "LAKERS". But the court and jerseys were not added/changed. Okay, but at least let the pads and jerseys of different teams will be sold in the store, so that they can be bought. And so, the jersey is "LAKERS", the pad is "BULLS" and the logo is "GSW".
Just came into the game, and the bots do not miss the ring, hits across the entire field, if the game ends, play is unrealistic, intercept the ball can not, but the bots can, block the shot is almost impossible to get 1 time out of 15 attempts, throwing is difficult even if you throw correctly, krch the game I did not like and I think I could explain why
Admins, why after every update there are some problems with the game? For example, after the last update I can not enter the game for two or three days, writes - no connection to the network. At the same time through the mobile Internet in the game I can enter the game, but through wi-fi does not work. Help to solve the problem, or I just delete the game. And do not direct me to links where nonsense with rebooting wi-fi or reinstalling the game - it does not help
Thank you for deleting the negative review, I have no problem writing again. The game is bottom. Bots are tweaked, regardless of the characteristics of the bot player he will score 99% of all balls thrown into the ring. In turn, players on my team throwing the ball into the colco with a 50% chance of scoring it, regardless of his characteristics. And of course if you do not hit the ring bot immediately takes the ball and immediately aim for my ring, where he will score the ball from any position ignoring his skills!!!!!
The game in principle narm, you can play. There is one BUT! In the mode of confrontation in the loss of Internet connection or the departure of the game to protect you defeat - You surrendered! just flyouts, flyouts, flyouts constant flyouts from the game, for 3 minutes 5 times flyouts
Add pick up the ball in ball defense, and that pick up can only be if the man throws the ball, and you will hope that your man will catch, and in reality, players constantly pick up balls from opponents (as implemented in 2k Basketball). Add, otherwise why play and especially DONATE to this game)?
The idea of the game is not bad, why two stars? Because there are a lot of unclear things, a lot of cards with players and how to use them is not clear. Then, I would like that there would be more tournaments, that there would be national teams, international tournaments. And fix the errors, thank you.
The game is good graphics top but after the update is impossible after 100 tries could enter and everything again
The game is very good, but not in the mode "company" In short, when you play in this mode, the game is the same for your team rating, for example your player almost took the rebound and the game takes it about a meter from the ring, and the ball picks up your opponent, even the ball can fly through your team players I certainly understand that winning, who plays this game should not so easy, but you, the developers, added at least in computer opponent some feints, but not what is actually happening. Also, when I change the team home ground and the form remains unchanged, what kind of bug?
The game is total crap. 1 - AI is very stupid, 3 of your players can run around the court and close one 2-throws in general do not understand the +% to hit the player open with 3-points in 92 0 hits out of 10 and has always been open 3-game more than 30fps does not show, constantly lagging, although the Internet is normal and the phone (xiaomi mi 9t pro) 4-pickup players in opposition composition 87 opponents 92 + 5 - works very stably, raw game, made to make a profit)
I would like to know what kind of problem is this and whether I can continue to play my account))) Thanks in advance for the response!!! Dear developers when will open the blitz in the company mobile madness? And another thing in the test this day you put almost unrealistic conditions, to score 17 goals in 5 minutes, at least score 17 points, but 17 goals is idiotic, more than 15 do not get enough time))
Very much enjoyed the game, but there are some aspects that greatly spoil the impression. First, I meet peredicheskie frizzes in the game: during the throw, some long passes. And this despite the fact that the phone is fine (see for yourself, your configuration is displayed). This makes it terribly uncomfortable to play. Second, it takes a long time to load menus / tabs. Every time you navigate, open, and just any action you have to wait a dozen seconds. Do something about it.
Hello! I do not know what are the chances in this game to drop something, namely: Today I play in a new event in a Live Events have a new task I played and tried to open a 2-ye and there are needed 78 and 81 I opened 43 packs (I saved them) and I dropped only one 78 player, you know, I was very upset with well this I could understand paki and everything but underline the word I play this game about a month, or maybe more my friend downloaded and played a week. And he knocks out a monthly master, and I never fell out.2 ☆
The game is not bad, but there is one problem on the task of "opening thunder" in one of the quests must give one effective pass and yyyy win the match. If you meet these conditions, and whether you lost or not, the game just hangs at the end of the match, although the pause button and sounds present.
The game is good, you can survive without a donation, there are long runs into the game, and it needs to be fixed. Please make a STATISTICS: match, players, or in general, how many things were done during the game, three-points, etc. in seasons at the end of fashionable to show MVP match, the best sniper in the lineup (who had the most shots), etc. this would be a good refresher on the game
The game is good, I like everything, but I give it a 4. Explanation. There are bugs with the ring animation. When the task is done, and pressed to repeat the grid on the stake changes its appearance. Also, the ring itself does not move. When the "dunk" player who did it simply disappears. I hope the developers will see my review, and fix the bug.
Das Spiel macht Spaß, aber ich mag es wirklich nicht, dass ich meine alten Spieler nicht mehr benutzen kann, seit das neue Update passiert ist
Minus one: it is impossible to see the statistics of the match, can certainly not understand, but so far.

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