Zero City:last bunker on earth MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download Zero City:last bunker on earth MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 1.30.1
Name: Zero City:last bunker on earth APK
Version: 1.30.1
Category: Simulation
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: B.V.
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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Zero City:last bunker on earth for Android is a worthwhile game, assembled prestigious publisher B.V.. For installation application you must examine your Android version, desirable system claim games conditioned from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Serious look closely to specified condition, because it is head recourse publisher. After this check existence at your device free space memory, for you required size - 103M. Recommended your release more space, than required. In progress usage application information will be save to memory, that will make it bigger final size. Move all kinds of unwanted photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack Zero City:last bunker on earth for Android, filled version - 1.30.1, at site avaible correction from February 7, 2022 - install new version, in it were edited errors and hiccups.


Juicy picture, which very coherent included in game. Naughty music tracks. Entertaining games tasks.


Complicated control. Large system requirements.

Who recommended download Zero City:last bunker on earth MOD APK?

Love have fun, it turns out given game for you. Especially will fit that, who intends fun and with interest spend free time, as well as mature users.


The game for 5 is not very heavy, but it is very interesting, but there are a lot of - and + to list all I will not. -very much donation, in the arena levels are not equal, the plot itself and so complex and here and players pumped pumped raid you. + the game is very addictive, a large and long story, kind players, (and a lot of things) waiting for you in this game! I recommend it to everyone. But the developers need to try
After the last update, began to have problems, the game began to slow down (SILENT) began to constantly exit without explanation. Very frustrating, the game eventually went, but donate from me do not expect, alas, I will not invest in what perezdizhetsyaet, enough that the tokens are burning because of the skip stage of the massacre, and I did not skip, I threw out the game, the result is 2-3 skips almost always. I really hope that you will solve this problem in the future.
Good afternoon! 1) thank you for helping me delete the game yourself. 2) your actions in the last update led to the start of the destruction of the ZeroCity project Why delete the game: 1) removed guaranteed resources from the tunnel chests and made them a possible reward, and knowing your chances of falling out - not a possible reward but the rarest reward. 2) you took away the guaranteed premakkount and zombie helper for 1 day from the seasonal reward chest when participating in AV. 3) you have completely killed the desire to play
The game is very cool. Give gifts that are paid for example VIP or zombie assistant. Graphics davolno good minus no events are many and often updated. I would like a joint base to be able to play and a friend and I in one base. And so the game is very cool advice!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is even very addictive as a time killer, though a tough grindilka. I would like to see the possibility of selecting items in the warehouse: after the event is collected too many things in the warehouse, add the ability to mark them, and then once to disassemble, because poke three times to disassemble only 1 item when there are a couple of hundred of them-so-so-so.
Terrible development system, you raise CC to 1 level, prices for everything increase 2 times. There is not enough food for anything. Invested in the game over 50000 rubles. And did not buy anything thick, at the next level again need to buy, as the previous clothes and special means stupidly can not be used. In general, if you do not have the opportunity to spend a month at least 50000 rubles for pictures in the game, I do not recommend this cheesy game.
Three because the game is very monotonous. Daily repetitive routine quickly gets boring. No addictive action, and at the expense of loot in general complete misfortune, with increasing levels of players grow and the level of shmotoka that fall out of the chest, and starts giving these same things do not affect your ur and ur shmotki. With 40 ur squad shmotki dotlegendirnyh suitable only for the showdown further their use is meaningless. And as I personally noticed in the game there is no random, everything is predetermined
Do not waste your time, up to level 20 all will be + - ok, then the balance of fuck, the plot does not give promotion because of the low force, and the enemies at the slaughterhouse (need something to dress up) will start throwing enemies at half a pound force stronger, disappointed in wasted time
WV. Developers I have a problem. When viewing any ads, no matter what (on the chips in the arena, reducing the time to improve the level of the characters to restore the level in the tunnels, passing village quests, and so on) videos are not visible.
The game is entirely designed for player-donaters, and completely imbalanced. The endless events in which regular players have no chance to get anything worthwhile, be it chips, equipment, or weapons. Endless offers to buy in-game valuables for crazy money. Regular players have been relegated to the role of meat to be grinded up by donator players. The game has become unbearable! And it all started out so beautifully....
The game is interesting, and the graphics are good. There is a very big BUT! In the arena all the opponents are 2 or 3 times stronger than my squad. I am always forced to lose. Why can not the arena to make a gap in the strength of units in 10%, so you could compete with how you pump heroes, or what rassanok heroes choose, or in what you create armor. For example: the strength of my squad is 86t, and the opponent closest to me in strength is 260t or even 360t
For the divorce with advertising put one star, for advertising do not charge a resource and does not work recovery in the bunker, also there is no return resources when defeated. This phenomenon is massive with all players in our Clan, not just me. Who has the game does not start and hangs in the download rate VPN, there is a bug in the game that developers dosychpora can not fix and support frosted off that everything works fine.
Very cool game, the drawing and the story is just the bomb.
The game says there is no connection to the Internet, although I turned on both my Internet and home, nothing helped, fix this error
Developers. Why do you get scammed with your side of the purchase of 26.03.23. When there were games with the racer I got scammed. I made the payment money written off from Megaphone 2058.50. And the amount is not small, and the money and did not get to the game hung the hell knows where. My id game 13242645.
Quite an interesting game. Good for passing the time. Very similar to Fallout Shelter, or rather its improved version. Major shortcomings not noticed, except for one - the balance in the mode "Massacre" is lame. I recommend the game.
Ich habe gerade angefangen, es zu spielen, und wer auch immer das auf Englisch geschrieben hat, sollte mal wieder eine Schule besuchen. Einiges davon ist urkomisch, aber die Grammatik ist einfach seltsam. "Hier spricht Alice Wong aus einem geheimen Labor. Wir sind einen Schritt davon entfernt, sie zu besiegen!" So viele Fragen lol, welches Geheimlabor... und was besiegen? Ich hoffe, der Rest des Spiels ist ein bisschen besser.
1. No support (the communication standard clich├ęs, taking a couple of words out of context); 2. "Features" of the game (the same rules), you can learn only by contacting the same support; 3. lack of transparency and the ability to monitor the fairness of the gameplay; time can kill (100% hustle castle, but with a few months behind and another "picture" (even versions of "innovations" coincide)). Making attachments? Here already trust the "empty" helpdesk and uncontrolled "honesty".

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