PickUp MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download PickUp MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 1.0.21
Name: PickUp APK
Version: 1.0.21
Category: Simulation
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: JaDo Games
ScreenShots Youtube Video
Download Hack PickUp MOD APK? ver. 1.0.21Download Hack PickUp MOD APK? ver. 1.0.21Download Hack PickUp MOD APK? ver. 1.0.21Download Hack PickUp MOD APK? ver. 1.0.21


PickUp for Android is a popular game, published tested compiler JaDo Games. For installation games you required diagnose your Android version, minimum system requirement applications conditioned from mountable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Grounded look closely to given criterion, because it is primary claim publisher. Next check occurrence at available tablet unoccupied volume memory, for you required volume - 36M. Suggest your clear more volume, than written. In the moment usage games the data will be save to memory, that will raise final volume. Move all kinds of old photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack PickUp for Android, uploaded version - 1.0.21, at portal avaible installation from June 16, 2021 - install new modification, where were edited errors and hiccups.


Juicy graphic, which very coherent enter in game. Naughty musical tunes. Fascinating games conditions.


Complicated control. Heavy system needs.

Who recommended transfer PickUp MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, so downloaded game for you. Definitely will fit that, who wants good and with interest spend active time, as well as experienced games fans.


Razrabs - the game is very, very much I like it, but just add there that the pickup truck can be sold for 100000 p. And buy in place of the pickup, buy some other car, such as a jeep, pickup. Pickup is also like a jeep, but it takes a long time to collect. 2 nights pass in the game? Please add some other 2 more cars.
The game is good, but there are so many bugs. For example, I got stuck in a pit from which you can not get out and the money to move the car home is not enough and have to reinstall the game. And so the game is very good would like to add 3 pedal as in life
So-so... Bugs a lot, moped in general unpowered some kind, even on the bridge(!) is not able to drive, sometimes there are freezes for 2-3 seconds, it is unclear how to mount that wheel, bumper and handlebars, it all falls off. In short, the project is raw, but you can see that they are trying.
The game is top but we need to fine-tune it 1 add more animals in terms of houses and nps 2 add a button pushing because if the car fell into a hole that it almost impossible to get 3 add a function to manage their saves (delete, create, auto-save) 4 do not touch the collection and mechanics of transport control 5 finalize and need scooter in it (I am talking about that he is useless) 6 add traffic and rozshirte road (I am talking about the track and not about dirt) 7 fix the fall under the map Well all:)
The game looks good and interesting, but still raw. Bugs: To put some parts in the car, you need to re-start, for example: timing belt, carburetor, filter. When you send the car home for the money all that was inside is gone. Ideas: you can make more parts to make more cars, add instructions how to build a pickup truck, you can also add to roll the scooter without starting the engine (use the legs), you can increase the salary for delivery, add a winch, and so the game is interesting

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