Wolf Simulator MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android

Download Wolf Simulator MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android ver.
Name: Wolf Simulator APK
Category: Simulation
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: Pocket Games Entertainment
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Wolf Simulator for Android is a popular game, issued tried and tested developer Pocket Games Entertainment. For installation application you must test your Android version, desirable system compliance applications varies from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Sensitively look closely to given item, because it is head claim programmers. Next check occurrence at available tablet vacant space memory, for you required size - 92M. Recommend your clear more space, than needed. In progress operation games information will be loaded to memory, that will raise final volume. Unload all kinds of stupid photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack Wolf Simulator for Android, provided version -, at site avaible installation from December 7, 2021 - run recent modification, where were deleted problems and incorrect operation.


Excellent graphic, which very harmoniously fit in game. Funny musical tunes. Good games conditions.


Not clear control. Heavy system requirements.

Who recommended download Wolf Simulator MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, it turns out downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who intends cool and with benefit spend active time, as well as active to players.


I liked the game, but the players there are rude horror just and I had a level big, but suddenly I went in and everything disappeared and I had to pump the wolf again, but again the level became 1 and I took offense and deleted the game ... Sorry the game is annoying that the level becomes level 1 so I deleted it ...
The game is really cool. But there is one thing. Sometimes the wolf gets stuck and it is very inconvenient because you have to leave the server. And so the game is the best of the best!!! I advise everyone!!!
Klasnaya game is very but make please speed up and that in the cave you can sleep and lie down and that you can play for another member of the pack and that if you go into the cave, then the whole pack goes too and make skins zombie vompirski and sklet and that vompir becomes a bat and that there were clothes and hats for wolves and that more in the prey were people and more that there were wolves that could be carried and that the prey can be carried home and carried. And the rest of the class. Good luck.
The game is okay, everything is good but! When I went to the location "battlefield 5 by 5" I went out (from the game) I do not know whether it is a lag or a bug may be with my phone that is not so. Although previously this was not fixed please fix it
The game is good, but please, please, make the animals more diverse, make the price of skins and other decorations less, make more movements for example: sit, rub on the nasami.And make a lot of all kinds of skins and helmets, preferably blue.Thank you for your attention! ♡
Hello, dear developers Big request to add to the game transfer of spheres and coins that would be able to transfer any number of spheres and coins to another player!!!! There is also a request to add a command to the game Sit!!!! I am not the first to ask for this addition, and so the game is good to all advise ------------------------------ Hello, dear developers, please add the transfer of spheres and coins to the game so that you can transfer any number of spheres and coins to another player!!!!
Hello developers, the game is great! But there are minuses 1. Difficult to shake his wolf from 20 to 100 2. Why in the list of friends you can add so few players?!??? Why when you got to the next level there is no new level!?! And so the updates are just awesome and skins on the wolf, and a tattoo okay have a nice day.
The game is cool, really people want new cards cheap skins, plumes, tattoos, etc! I also want to, but I put the rating for quality, and for the important things that piss me off and like! and you think about how developers this hard to do it all!
Hello, dear developers. I reached level 55 and I can not play online!!! My brother plays online, he has only level 3, and I can not!!!! Please tell me what to do!!! Please!!! Everything is ok with the internet! I go to the server, and there is 1 yoke and it is me! In the meantime, two stars.
Hello, dear developers the game is super. But there is a minus: it always turns out that the players are swearing, and kicked out, the other is very strange that there can get such people to block.You can quickly swing!!!
I like the game
Hello, dear developers. Iga is great. And can you add wings?) And now about the problem. If I kachayu coach I was not allowed in the peace server and the battlefield. I beg you tell me what to do!) I have already downloaded the game many times and delete. My nickname ❤ᏗuЂỰᙢӄᎯ❤, level 37. Thank you very much in advance.
Well... not really... well...
Dear workers I have a very old phone and it naturally everything hangs on it. But in this game not a bit! I am very happy! I can play with the players and not only! There are many more opportunities! you are the best, kind, hardworking and with little effort workers!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ich liebe dieses Spiel, ich empfehle es auch für Wolfsliebhaber, aber ich empfehle es auch für andere Leute
Also ich mag dieses Spiel nicht, weil man so oft stirbt
The game in general is good, but there are two minus first minus is the player skull, I do not know if he removed or not but I have as long as I play and only hear that everyone complains about the skull.Second minus is a problem since the last update, and the problem is that the textures of the game are completely broken in terms of the sky is black or pink or white, I know that the developers will not read it but still tell the play store about these two problems
Hello. I want to give you 4 stars (why)? The fact that I always have when you enter a game or level, always (constantly) comes out advertising. Dear Developers. Please fix it.
Hello dear developers I have a problem why I have a load in the game where it says up to 3 minutes is not loaded? I waited 30 minutes did not load anything. I put 5 stars so as not to spoil the rating of the game. Please help me with my problem! Do not ignore and then put 1 star!

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