TerraGenesis MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download TerraGenesis MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 6.18
Name: TerraGenesis APK
Version: 6.18
Category: Simulation
OS: Requires Android - 6.0 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Tilting Point
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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TerraGenesis for Android is a great game, assembled confident developer Tilting Point. For unzipped application you required verify your software version, desirable system claim games depends from mountable version. For now - Requires Android - 6.0 and up. Attentive look closely to this position, because it is important condition developer. Then check existence at personal phone free volume memory, for you required size - 176M. Recommend your release more volume, than written. In progress usage games information will be to be written to memory, that will increase final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack TerraGenesis for Android, uploaded version - 6.18, at page avaible version from February 7, 2022 - download recent version, in it were deleted glitches and crashes.


Juicy picture, which very harmonious fit in game. Cheerful a piece of music. Good games conditions.


Complicated control. Heavy system requirements.

Who recommended download TerraGenesis MOD APK?

You like have fun, therefore downloaded game for you. Especially will like that, who wants good and with useful spend free time, as well as experienced users.


Recently decided to get back into the game. Downloaded, launched a new world. During the game found an "interesting" feature - after the events that give the city trait with income credits (paid broadcasts or rich veins of resources) increase in income does not occur, in the city tab these traits show +0s/min. Fix this please
The game is hard to figure out so far. If you make it a little easier, maybe you will attract more audience to the game. Also, the game is very long. You could also add a time rewind to prevent the extinction of creatures or to make a beautiful video of the prosperity of the planet.
The game is very much to my liking but there are some small things for example I am most annoyed when there are two menus at once, on top of the research menu overlaps the main and need to constantly go in and out in the statistics that would all become normal fix it please, and so the game I really liked it all advise.
The game is super!!! But please remove the credits when rewinding time (on the device). This is certainly not a problem, but I think it is partly cheating. I want everything to be as if gradually, not at once. Thank you in advance☺
Cool theme of the game, and yet I think it would be more interesting that the game would be sharpened on that would introduce people even far from it, the idea that man is essentially a creator. And would also add the possibility of creating sonecnyh systems and planets, like we are a race that has achieved the ability to manipulate objects the size of the solar system and possibly time. In any case, thank you very much for the game for a long time nothing clung.
The game is not bad, really interesting, long wanted to try to colonize the planet But sadly that the functionality is too limited: you have to long accumulate genesis points (if free), without a certain number of points can not use many functions, plus would like the opportunity to colonize worlds other than Mars (without large investments). But in general, the idea of the game is good!
The best mobile game in its genre, in my opinion. Everything is done at the highest level, and simplifications (reddening of the atmosphere, the system of increasing the level of seas and other things) do not spoil the interface in any way. The only disadvantage is the excessive prolongation of gameplay, but it is justified, because Moscow was not built at once either. In general, five out of five, developers a canister of tea and my donations.
I like the game, I installed it for the 2nd time. As people write that flies out and glitches, I have no such thing. All seem to be in order. Maybe in the future rarabyu think of what else can be added. If you want to go faster, what would all go see ads. Well now I do not know such games that everything would be for free and do not watch ads)
I liked the game. And at first I played it with great pleasure, watching Mars turn green. But then the game was plagued by two different kinds of misfortunes. 1. Incomprehensible lags. Redmi note 8 pro is not considered to be the most unpowered phone, but lags just terrible. 2. The problem of endgame. The game has little technology and construction. In the end it just becomes uninteresting. In addition, to balance the indicators of the planet is not ideal is very difficult. And as there is no development, you just go through the options.
So far, I have not noticed any sorties. Sometimes it freezes, but this is either because of optimization or the characteristics of my phone (Honor 8x). The gameplay is not affected. I like the idea very much, I think all the solutions are very well chosen. The balance of the game is present. In short, just the thing to come in, hang out for half an hour in the game and forget for a couple of hours.
I really like the game! But there is one But. Once I played as usual, but then the game crashed. And so every time, but not immediately. But otherwise like the game. Please correct the bug.
The game is great but why 3⭐ all was fine until the message came in the game but why in English on the settings was Russian is -0, 2⭐ but this message warned that +100.000 cm of water is too much, which caused two losses: 1 flooded the city 2 difficulties with terrain is -1, 5⭐ therefore 3⭐
the game is impressive. Thanks to the developers, it is well thought out) But there is one glitch, when you click on the cross in the upper right corner, it does not immediately go to the main menu, and a little slows down. Because of this, I automatically click again, and sometimes because of this is overlapping the menu screen with a view of the planet on the main screen menu. And the extra worlds in my opinion a little too expensive, but this is subjective
All is well, but there is a bug that greatly affects the entire game. When the city event, and there is a rich vein (as well as any thing that gives money) then the money for it are not given though they should (writes 0s/min). Please fix as soon as possible
game is GREAT!!! but, there is BUT! 1.the size of the screen-resolution (at 1920x1080 part of the text is beyond the screen "Lenovo ZUK Z2") 2.when the game top appears "new message" make a sound message or voice notification "you have a new message" 3. Incoming notifications pop up, the ones that appear in the center of the screen, make them in the form of unread envelopes and the number how many of them there, or that they were in line behind each other and not jumped out at the top of all the others, and then read the notice of completion of construction only clicked on the screen, and then bam pops up a message and clicked not on "completion of construction" but this is no longer known message and that there was in this message h.z. This is the main DO-no-what-you do ;)
Ich weiß nicht, wie dieses Spiel eine 4,2-Bewertung hat, wenn man die Auflösung in den Einstellungen nicht umkehren kann, wenn man sie erhöht (es gibt keine Taste, um zum Original zurückzukehren). Und obendrein ist das Spiel nur eine Geldschneiderei, nichts Besonderes.
The game with such a huge number of defects, bugs, that it seems, except for one developer game no one else is engaged. He created it, the game went, and abandoned it. Eternal beta version. Too bad, a beautiful interesting game that is simply impossible to play. I have not written this to anyone, but here I will write. The developer is crooked to the point of no return.
All super, the game captures for hours. at first the controls may seem complicated, but after 5 minutes of play easily find the necessary settings or information. I would like a little more animation and more detailed maps, but this is my personal desire)
there are of course inconsistencies and something could be added but I do not insist because I have no idea how to execute it technically but it is certainly a dream such terraforming and in real life you could think about these ideas but who needs it to implement such a thing? it does not bring immediate income, maybe when there is at least a world confederation, at least environmental...the only drawback, but I think critical, is rebooting after some advertising.
After the last update have some problems, such as response to pressing 3-5s, protection against osteroids do not finish building constantly resets to 24 hours, in addition it is not clear the meaning of updates as well as updating of the planets and added spaceship nothing, although they promised to add interesting features and the plot

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