Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android

Download Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG MOD APK [Unlimited Money] for Android ver. 50.1
Name: Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG APK
Version: 50.1
Category: Role Playing
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 500,000+
Author: Xingfei company
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG for Android is a quality game, assembled tested developer Xingfei company. For settings games you should test your Android version, indispensable system requirement applications varies from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Sensitively take a look to mentioned position, because it is head claim programmers. Then check existence at your hardware empty space memory, for you required volume - 51M. Suggest your release more space, than needed. In progress operation games information will be loaded to memory, that will make it bigger final volume. Unload all kinds of bad photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG for Android, provided version - 50.1, at site avaible correction from December 21, 2021 - install recent version, in it were removed problems and incorrect operation.


Juicy graphic component, which crazy harmonious enter in game. Cheerful a piece of music. Fascinating games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system needs.

Who advisable download Angel Legion: 3D Hero Idle RPG MOD APK?

Love have fun, it turns out this game for you. Especially will fit that, who wants cool and with interest spend free time, as well as mature games fans.


The game is cool although there is no Russian language, but it is not a hindrance. There are 2 problems I can not find technical support and when I go to Dismissal Preview that would hero which I pumped to dismiss or reset does not reset !!!! If anyone knows what the problem with zeroing heroes can advise, but so a solid 5 stars .
No language, garbage in
The game is colorful. Very interesting, but nothing is clear. Buffs and debuffs can not see on the characters. Please make icons more. They also work quite unclear for understanding. I think even translation into Russian will not help with understanding.
In this game I played back in the very first version on the Korean server with hieroglyphs, it was kapets as a long time ago, since then and the name and the very idea has changed dramatically, donad is, but generally without tension, your game it does not affect your game at all. Actually this game is not for those who are looking for action, and so half an hour a day to kill when there is nothing to do. In general normal game, I recommend.
There is no Russian language!(
The game is very good. Too bad there is no Russian language, I missed half of the plot, but it is not bad.
Introduce Russian, translate the game
No Russian language
Good game
There is no Russian language!!!
Awesome graphics and yet super optimization
Great game!
A good stylish visual (which is very important). You can play little by little without purchases (although the best gear, understandably, will actually be unavailable - or after 5 years of play). But there are mechanics that largely smooth out the difference.
I liked the game. Not a standard approach to the standard genre. Of course there are its shortcomings (where without them), but the pluses are enough. At first try to understand "what where where needed" is difficult: the font is small, the language is not Russian, read lazy. A tedious gameplay. You can go once a day for dailies and all, but you can and more often (energy quite quickly piled up). But the biggest plus, overshadowing all such games - is the editor of characters. Not just the GG, but everyone (almost) whom you summon.
Bullshit game is not understandable at all and there is no Russian language.
Not bad. Glitches are, but not critical. Without donation you can develop long enough without losing interest. What a rarity for these kinds of games. No Russian. Learn basic English. In all languages translate the game only donate dumpsters, which it brings immeasurable money. Read the reviews with minus - not one objective. All households just in the mechanics of the game do not understand.
No Russian language
Quite an interesting game, not too demanding to pay attention and yet easy to learn in spite of the lack of Russian.
Great game! Thank you very much)
Cool game, but now quickly translate into Russian as it is impossible to play
The Russian language is lost, find it and you get five stars. Good luck ❤️
Not bad. There is a problem. Is there a Sappor? How do I get in touch with someone? No website, no contact button, nothing.....
Nettes Spiel mit guter Grafik, Strategie und RPG kombiniert, aber braucht Verbesserungen, ich habe ein paar Vorschläge, wie zum Beispiel: 1. Kann zurück zu vorherigen Kapitel für das Schleifen Zwecke (zu einigen Kosten sagen, brauchen Kraftstoff) 2. Spieler, die zurück zu vorherigen Kapitel gehen kann nicht angreifen andere Spieler, so dass es nicht immer schikaniert Bereich
Not yet played, the game takes a lot of space I have 4 GB, too bad you can not install on a flash drive. razrobochiki make it possible to please, or send the link to the game, the computer can be set. Respect Alexei Lvovich. put 5 ++++++++++++.
Beautiful graphics. The game is addictive. About the complaints about not falling out heroes - random is random. During the week I collected 12 heroes S rank (yes, donated - once, the minimum donation 75₽ - to get the stuff for the first donation). 4 stars - because the project has room to grow. Few activities. As the game, enough diamonds accumulated for small purchases (fuel, extra tickets to the arena, etc.).

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