Food Fantasy MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android

Download Food Fantasy MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android ver. 1.54.1
Name: Food Fantasy APK
Version: 1.54.1
Category: Role Playing
OS: Requires Android - 4.3 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: Elex
ScreenShots Youtube Video
Download Hack Food Fantasy MOD APK? ver. 1.54.1Download Hack Food Fantasy MOD APK? ver. 1.54.1Download Hack Food Fantasy MOD APK? ver. 1.54.1Download Hack Food Fantasy MOD APK? ver. 1.54.1


Food Fantasy for Android is a cool game, issued tried and tested developer Elex. For builds application you required check current operating system, desirable system requirement applications varies from downloadable version. For you - Requires Android - 4.3 and up. Housekeeping look closely to mentioned item, because it is primary condition author. Next check occurrence at your device unused space memory, for you smallest size - 90M. Recommended your clear more volume, than required. In progress operation games information will be loaded to memory, that will increase final size. Unload all kinds of old photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack Food Fantasy for Android, uploaded version - 1.54.1, at site avaible installation from February 10, 2022 - install latest version, there were deleted glitches and crashes.


Colourful graphic component, which very harmonious fit in game. Cool music tracks. Good games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system needs.

Who needed install Food Fantasy MOD APK?

Love have fun, so this game for you. Definitely will fit that, who is willing good and with interest spend free time, as well as motivated to players.


I really like your game! Thank you for your hard work. You have created a beautiful and interesting world, with a branched history, well-developed characters and voice acting almost perfectly corresponding to the character.... And, of course, not a little important combat system, not difficult to understand and easy to handle, which is often, personally, I had problems in other games.
Got pretty far into account development two years ago, then deleted it. Now two years trying to download again, but in vain. Beyond downloading the game no longer comes in, how many did not download and how many did not wait. The download line is not even filled. Do something, please.
The game is great, played it and really enjoyed it. Decided to download again, but nothing loads, just can not enter. Do something about it, please P.S. The problem really turned out to be due to the Internet and memory, but still unpleasant, as before at least highlighted what the problem is
Cons: -It is difficult to raise the level after the 50th; -Odnobrazobranyne weekly events; -Routine gameplay; -Hollow balance of food spirits. Pros: -Sweet graphics; -Frequent updates to the game, support with new content; -More or less interesting story; -Permanent addition of events; -Easy to get a lot of bonuses.
Very interesting game, sometimes difficult sometimes not, it all depends a bit on pumping, events are not every day but great and generous. I do not see big minuses except microlags and lack of voiceover for some spirits
A wonderful game, one of the few that do not get bored after a week, because you can always set a new goal and gradually go to it. Does not strain and does not bore quests, so free time (even when its little) can safely allocate for food fantasy. Tech. support works just fine. 10/10 overall.
I love this game, just the best for as many years playing it does not get bored. Characters are beautiful, a lot, it is possible to make money. Karoche I like everything and I do not know what they say has become boring, you just are not true connoisseurs
Great game, a fusion of two favorite genres. Lots of events and unique characters, not stolen in appearance and combat from other games, which is the biggest plus of this game. Great graphics. Minus is that awkward control of menu commands, small buttons.
Thank you developers for helping with the game crashes, but I see that there are problems with other devices, I hope you cope with the bugs, and remember that everyone can not please. I liked the music overall 8/10. The rpg pumping style is quite interesting, and if there will be any way to attack selected enemies, please do. (If you are interested in the idea) Gameplay 9/10 Thank you for the effort and the game
The game is great, but so far I found one big and nasty minus - the delay ultimates. example: one of the spirits is almost out of hep, I use the ability milk, but while the animation passes, while this rain comes, the character is already dying. it would be cool if ultimates were applied at the same second when you use it.
I also have an endless download. The game downloads, everything is fine, but when you run the game there is the initial download in 742mb, and here it loads all over again and again, the memory on the phone like there, the phone brand: Samsung a3.

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