Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 3.7.2
Name: Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG APK
Version: 3.7.2
Category: Role Playing
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Kefir!
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Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG for Android is a good game, made tried and tested publisher Kefir!. For settings games you required diagnose your Android version, desirable system compliance applications varies from mountable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Serious look closely to given condition, because it is key claim programmers. Next evaluate presence at your phone unoccupied space memory, for you smallest size - 372M. Recommend your release more size, than claimed. In progress operation application information will be save to memory, that will increase final size. Delete all kinds of unwanted photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG for Android, available version - 3.7.2, at page avaible update from January 25, 2022 - install recent modification, there were corrected errors and hiccups.


Colourful graphic component, which crazy plastically enter in game. Cheerful music tracks. Attractive games conditions.


Complicated control. Impressive system needs.

Who recommended pick up Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG MOD APK?

You like have fun, so given game for you. Without a doubt fits that, who intends fun and with useful spend active time, as well as experienced to players.


Cool game, BUT!!! Very time-consuming transitions, long crafting, and unrealistically fast destruction of objects, which, by the way, can not be repaired!!!!! The game will go really for obsessed with nerdrotstva and full hardcore. A little tweak the balance of farming and breaking items and will be 10 out of 5. I put 3 because I will not play (for me it is too unbearable to run on haylvl mobs in just underwear and with a club)
Good hardcore game, generally like it. The obvious disadvantage is energy. It should be removed at all, or reduce recovery to 1 unit/min. And that at the initial stages of all gameplay is the same: wait half an hour to come to the location, break your face on the first zombie, run away. Also unsuccessfully implemented the update of locations. It would be better if it was after a while, not in the same second in which the character went to the map. If the developer listens - the price of the game will not be. Only because of these minuses 7/10. The rest is not bad.
Nekhuyahua, for such a parasha, and ask for 3t - 7tr?! Or, 2t rubles a month - for stupid running around the locations and accelerated collection of resources that only need to collect resources? *muse 2--, the same ... everywhere.... *locations, k. visit have to visit 100! times, in pr. sense of the word, do not differ in any way, only, idiotic randomness and the same amount of resources, and in addition some obscure monster or bot!!, killing for a couple of blows, - no description, no warning! Crap, not a game
The game in principle is good, but there are minuses such as: go to the location, immediately press stealth mode, and you are still already sagry mobs, and not from the edge of the location and from the center, mostly knights.... and sometimes lags free chest (does not go countdown to the appearance) and it would be good if there would be and stone weapons, but so the game is normal and graphics and the locations themselves.
The game is great, but not enough locations, add them more, by the way add more pumping walls and floors, for example: of birch boards and iron. And make that there was a location for friends that we could together lutat locate locations with skulls, it would be great, by the way how much I play can not find the ingredients for the stall, make that they would fall more often. Thank you for your attention. Toy very much liked. Respect to the developers.
In general, the game is not bad BUT: 1.can not play with a friend 2.system with energy 3.Game "pay to win" System with energy will not give you the freedom to move from location to location (without energy waiting from 14 to 30 minutes); it turns out the game contradicts itself, because the complexity of it is not for casuals (unless you donate) but this system is just for them and designed. Well and donate in the form of "pay to win", without which the game becomes unpleasant, because of the limitation on farming resources. Playable for three.
I like these games full hardcore survival,
Played this game about two years ago, virtually unchanged, but added a couple of interesting things, removed bugs, etc. There are small but simple suggestions. Let the level can be invested in dexterity, strength, etc.; Let the clergy cast a force of magic, and the ability to use intelligence, force fiz.razn., for this introduction can reduce the damage of weapons; remove the skills evasion and introduce skills find weakness (tipo chance Krit.ur) and many other things that have not fit because of ogr. 500 words
Good hardcore game, like it overall. The obvious disadvantage - energy. Remove it altogether, or reduce the recovery to 1 unit / min. Or in the early stages of all the gameplay is the same: wait half an hour to come to the location, break his face on the first zombie, run away. Also poorly implemented location upgrades. It would have been better if it was after a while, not at the same second in which the character entered the map. If the developer listens - the price of the game will not be. Just because of these minuses 7/10. The rest is not bad.
Can not play quickly runs out of energy and deteriorates weapons and armor No interest and when killed with one punch, the desire to continue to play
Game good, especially for those who want to see how to develop his character, castle, etc., but after the update came wild frises and lags, more and more often, before the update played on the ultra without a single lag, now on medium lags and freesit, fix it please, optimize the game.
Hello! The game is very interesting, a lot of events, interesting quests, weapons armor, and all sorts of things fit the Middle Ages. The treasure of the damned, I went to level 33 for the second time, the first won by spending a lot of food and weapons, but was not upset, because he got the cloths and spices. The second time I went and died, I had 4 mead, bow leather armor and 3 swords, it is too difficult a test, I understand that it is necessary, but the shame I died restarted, he was waiting for me and I died 2 times, and things are gone
Maybe the game is designed for single-player playthrough, but even in single-player games there is at least interaction with npc... I add a person as a friend, but other than getting the keys is absolutely 0. Built the sanctuary - the Order died out all and not cleaned up. Next, too complicated locations: 3 skeletons, prvratnkik, an offering, etc. Counted either on donaters (with 1 level is desirable), or on people who spent more than one week to collect everything. Krch, if you are a rich sociophobe, then you will be ok.
The game is cool, but! Too little energy and it is quickly spent. Make it at least 200 or 300. Another request to make more ways to get coins. In the maps to win them is almost impossible, and not everyone can donate. Thank you!
The game is addictive, so distinctive and immersive. Thanks to the developers for such a cool mood. Asked for something to add. So here goes. I would like more locations, that they were more diverse. Add, say, lagoons, lakes, interlacing of rivers inside the location, and the most beautiful places to be the most dangerous. Let there be sea creatures attacking, but there, for example, you can catch gold in nets. Semi-submerged chests, koi koey octopus Egt say keeps. Well, in general, beautiful locations want.
1 Temporary locations very rarely appear. 2 Temporary locations are available little time, in order to buy energy for coins. 3 Energy regenerates slowly. 4 The balance between the costs of farming and the trophies themselves is clearly not in favor of the loot. The gain of about 20% of what is spent. 5 All these aspects make the game extremely tedious. You can not quickly otyplay and get out. The game holds a long transition Bottom line: Very cool to see a full loot game Draubs do not make artificial restrictions. People disperse.
Very good game, move in the same direction. The only thing I would like to be added is the number of videos you can watch regenerating energy. I would certainly like to be more than two views. There are situations when you really need the energy and watching video saves the situation.
1. Level upgrade does not make the character stronger, and technology points (which are given for the new level) eventually become useless. But you will still give them for some reason; 2. Combat is boring and almost no different from chopping pine. Clamp the button until the pine/zombie will not fall. Is that the hit sometimes necessary; 3. A lot of illogical things. For example, traders who come in huge carts in dangerous lands to sell one thing) And this in bulk. I would write more, but it does not fit.
Playable, however, the fact that things break very quickly especially lats from opponents of meat and bone is not happy at all. Attendance at all event is not cost-effective. The game is built on the fact that take a lot of hilok and go to battle. Virtually no tactics. Character level does not give anything but a new craft. Direwolf constantly tired. Restored for a long time. Loot from mobs only a few. Make it possible at least to repair the armor and weapons, the possibility of falling out with rare items from the lepers.
The game is very atmospheric, which is so and so attracts the indifferent user. Quite worked out, especially liked the system of skills. It is also impossible not to highlight the plot, which also deserves special attention. However, after installing the latest update there are problems with optimization. Fps rises above 20,even on low settings.In the previous version was different. Device redmi note 8 pro. It would be great to know how it would be possible to fix it. In advance, thanks
Ich liebe das Spiel, setzen Sie einfach einige Haltbarkeit Status auf Ausrüstungen, auch die Reisezeit zu verringern, kann ich nicht voll genießen das Spiel, weil es mich so lange warten, nur um das Ziel zu erreichen.
über die Energie sehr unzureichend und braucht mehr Energie zu verwenden, auch in der kurzen Strecke Ort
After the last update the game began to hang. Running around the location and.... Freezing.... The next picture, as you got into the very crowd of lepers and even have no time to heal. Or, the same scenario, but as the picture updates hero almost finished already some bot with a powerful sword. By the number of sticking hero at crucial moments, it seems that the game directly for this purpose and updated. Already a bunch of weapons and ammunition so plummeted
I would like to add a heal button on the control panel. When clothes wear out, heal is death 90% of the time! Second, random Event is the past, zdelay e their constant, the players will choose which ones they have to go, and not wait half a day, what would pop up one or another and third, 2 dungeons is good, but I would like variety in the form of daily battles besides locations 1-3 skulls, constant farming mobs bored!
Pros: hardcore if you try to play without dying or with 1 life at all(. Nice/interesting design/atmosphere. Cons: FARM!!! VERY LARGE FARM!!! Without it you are nothing (but there is donat...). Choice points for items and builds. Better let them open themselves with the receipt of a certain level. Shitty targeting system (you almost get the enemy, comes another with full HP and targeting jumps on him. And again - the game is literally created for farming. Survival in it is secondary. Sadness.
Uninstalled this game. Played a week, first lured by the atmosphere, and then just sick of constantly running around in his underpants with a truncheon, which is always breaking and collect hawthorn that would not die of thirst. Because nowhere is there a fucking shovel nails to the well. Your system of crafting just takes away from the track. And why on one location with one skull to put so many strong enemies and constantly breathe? Stavlyu 3 only for the atmosphere. The game is extremely unbalanced.

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