The Wolf MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android

Download The Wolf MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android ver. 2.4.2
Name: The Wolf APK
Version: 2.4.2
Category: Role Playing
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Swift Apps LTD
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The Wolf for Android is a cool game, assembled reliable publisher Swift Apps LTD. For unzipped games you should examine your software version, desirable system compliance applications depends from downloadable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Grounded look closely to mentioned item, because it is primary claim publisher. After this check existence at personal hardware vacant size memory, for you required volume - 145M. Suggest your release more volume, than claimed. During usage games information will be save to memory, that will raise final volume. Unload all kinds of bad photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack The Wolf for Android, available version - 2.4.2, at portal avaible version from January 10, 2022 - download recent modification, where were deleted problems and crashes.


Beautiful graphic, which very coherent enter in game. Cheerful musical tunes. Fascinating games conditions.


Not good control. Heavy system needs.

Who recommended install The Wolf MOD APK?

Love have fun, it turns out downloaded game for you. Especially will fit that, who intends fun and with benefit spend free time, as well as active users.


Dear developers please make it possible to eat dead animals, replenishing khp.
The game is very cool! But I want to talk a little bit about other games from you. I understand that they are very different games, but still. I would love to see you finalize the rest of the simulators or at least two of any. You can one was just very happy if it was elaborated my favorite simulator of the tiger, for example. But the game itself is super! True, there is one bug if you try to climb a tree. And if you are in a battle between two teams you can just there to hide. Sometimes it really pisses off the players and me.
The game is good, but before work the characters of wolves that they were more realistic body proportions change, and then the paws are short and skinny and the body and head is big. Add different updates, but the wolves themselves do not update.
The game is boring in fact, but the idea is very interesting. Bring in more content. Make the need for hunger, for water. Eat meat, and replenish the water supply in the rivers and springs. Zavezit optimization, because there is far from 60 fps. Settings make better, especially in the control that everyone could pick out for themselves the ideal control. Another idea: the ability to create packs, and hunt together. Create families with opposite sexes, create nests, grow and teach offspring.
The game is good, but what kind of players come across, which have 10K health and crazy damage in addition! Risen in general to level 48, the game can safely remove. Now zakidyvatsya only to 50 levels of donaters, who have 30K health and killed a couple of punches. In short, an honest player to do nothing more.
The first time I downloaded the game (for 20 min, but never mind), everything was fine, but after 10 minutes of playing all the hard lag, kicked out from the server with the words "broken connection to the Internet" (Internet in the norm).Because of the lag deleted the game.Today I download it again, and what? For the 2nd time I can not download the game! The game is downloaded well, very long + when the remaining 6-7 minutes, the download game stops! And I was re-install the game again, again. for the third time I am trying to download the game, but I think it will be as (neotrinyuyumoyinet
Hello developers game just a masterpiece and why the pictures are more beautiful than the game itself? Never mind, I will start with the pros 1) a lot of species of wolves I like)))) 2) Mono mobs and locations 3) You can make friends and chat with them)))) and now the minuses, why can not eat prey? Or drink water? I have a game through the intnnet I often lash out
Dear Developers
Hello dear developers! Stavlyu 4 could have been 5, but I have the game negrusit all the time throws and lags wyfay is, televon is not old. And yes can you add to the game online action for the wolf, update on the other games pzh! Thanks in advance (put 5 ☆ when everything comes back to normal)!!!
Dear developers of this game is very cool game advise to play all, but why I put 4 ⭐? Because of some maps are lagging and it is infuriating to be honest. But the game as a whole cool advise everyone to play
I change my grade to 3. Pisses me off - every third or even second ad, after viewing it is impossible to enter your game - there is no icon to close the view. You have to go out and re-enter the game, which slows down the gameplay.
Original game, enjoyed it all. The only thing would be nice to have a jump function at the windrow and more free movement on the mountains and slopes. And so the game on 5
I liked the game . But I would like to work with the textures of the game. And with the fact that the sounds of animals are not mixed up in one pile. I would like it so "you come close to a squirrel and hear how it rustles" and not at a great distance hear a bear.
Derzeit das einzige Spiel, das ich spiele. Ich spiele seit etwa eineinhalb Jahren und bin auf Stufe 83 (aber ich habe auch Geld in das Spiel gesteckt). Das Einzige, was mir nicht gefällt, ist, dass es buchstäblich Jahre dauert, bis man in die Nähe von Level 90 kommt. Die Entwickler verlassen sich darauf, dass die Leute nicht das Interesse an einem so langsamen Spiel verlieren. Es macht derzeit eine Menge Spaß; ich bin stark, habe ein tolles 6. Tier-Pack, aber werde ich noch zwei Jahre weiterspielen, nur um auf 90 zu kommen? Die Entwickler rechnen damit, aber ich kann es nicht garantieren.
The game is good but why 3? 1) can not pitt and eat 2) can not jump 3) zdelayte so that pvp was equal! Because my team has 11 and 11 levels, and the other 17 15 12! And we can not even one wolf kill! So not fair! There are more of them and they are more rural, make a selection of levels! Please! I would be very grateful♡...
The game is good but I agree with the previous kommentamy control Persian difficult and when the wolf attacks lack of blood and realism as well graphics are not at the highest level. Refine the game please!
!!!!! FOR ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH A FRIEND !!!! You need to, for example, you were already in the location, then click on the icon with two wolves at the bottom of the screen, near the arrow and there you see your friend online, click on it and the side is a green button in his, click on it and you move to him, but this is all if the room has room for one more player and do not forget to add a friend first and then find him and play with him!
The game is basically good. But there are a couple of uncertainties about the animals and their levels. I would like to customize the wolf and not like everyone else. Е. The ability to edit the coloring spots of tattoos scars. It would be nice to dababat clans or packs and caves to sweep in groups. If the developers read let them explain why the first location animals 58 levels and above, ie how much not kachaisya champion one vinegar will not kill?
The game is good, but a lot of "buts" reset the game 3 times. The first time caught an advertising virus, delete the game. The second time failed location "dark forest" reset. Now do not come back rewards for watching ads during the game. But in general, the game is interesting, good graphics. Install and play with pleasure.

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