MARVEL Future Revolution MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android

Download MARVEL Future Revolution MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android ver. 1.5.3
Name: MARVEL Future Revolution APK
Version: 1.5.3
Category: Role Playing
OS: Requires Android - 6.0 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
Author: Netmarble
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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MARVEL Future Revolution for Android is a great game, made validated team of programmers Netmarble. For unzipped application you must test installed Android version, desirable system compliance games varies from loadable version. For now - Requires Android - 6.0 and up. Not jokingly look closely to given position, because it is primary rule publisher. After this check existence at available device unused volume memory, for you smallest size - 1.6G. Suggest your clear more space, than needed. During operation application information will be save to memory, that will complement final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack MARVEL Future Revolution for Android, uploaded version - 1.5.3, at site avaible version from January 24, 2022 - run latest modification, where were deleted problems and hiccups.


Juicy picture, which very coherent enter in game. Cool a piece of music. Attractive games conditions.


Bad control. Heavy system conditions.

Who needed pick up MARVEL Future Revolution MOD APK?

You like have fun, it turns out downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who is willing good and with interest spend free time, as well as active users.


The game is excellent, graphics pleases the eye, among all that tried in the genre of mmorpg on mobile - the best. Only one thing is frustrating - not enough characters, please add more. It would not be bad not only heroes but also villains. Good luck in the development of the project !
I can not enter the game, so long it waited, all downloaded, before the release time waited, but when entering writes that "it is not possible to connect to the server, the game will be restarted, " And so again and again,. It is possible that the servers are overloaded, but it is not certain, while 1, I hope to fix it
Everything is good, pulls even on a relatively old Redmi note 5. But, dear developers, please make it possible to disable vibration. (Just, unexpected vibration sound in the middle of the night is not very good:-) ) ) Thank you.
The game is fun. Graphics are great, a lot of Persians, etc. But the gameplay is a bit boring. The usual tasks where you need to come, kill, collect, grind. Well, it is compensated by fucking graphics, and the rest.
The game is super but there is one but make it possible to fly everywhere and not in a limited space that there were no these walls will be shikos hear and so the game is super but if you add this will be generally unbelievable
The game is good, but there are minuses body heat, the plot is 50/50, and during the dialogues, no one to say anything just read (annoying) at least could put the original and subtitles, I play because it is "Marvel", so the game is interesting but not long
I liked the game, but of course, I would like to have more characters and most importantly ..., Dear developers, Omega-war please make a few ranks on the power (bm) or something like that, so that people who want to play without investing real money (donation) too could play there and not die with one poke, you put all in one pile bm 500 vs bm 1.5k ... Thank you.
I play since the release is very interesting so far, there are many locations and many quests, as well as many costumes with different enhancements, but there is a problem with the dialogue: as soon as the dialogue begins voice of the character is as soon as the character begins to say the following sentence sound cuts off. In the cut-scenes are not, there is nothing wrong, and when the game itself to turn to a character here is the problem described above. But despite this problem I like the game save the Russian subtitles.
The game is good, but there are shortcomings: 1) very monotonous battles and very protracted. 2) make the gameplay more diverse. 3) make the free world bigger and without access levels
Well, guys as such declared "open world" and close to no, purely the location to which you go, I thought there would be something like Genshin ... Autoboy is ... Flying on the web if you play for spider man is not felt at all! Letting the web and flying yes, but you do not feel it at all!!! My favorite hulk is not imported from the word quite!!! In short, just another MMO grindrilka with Autoboy, who in the market a lot, I expected more from Marvel!!! The only plus of the game is a very cool graphics!
Why, when I asked a question, I had. It says that I will receive crystals in the mail. Well, when I came out and zygry, all no crystals. Well, in general the voice acting is super, Persians are also super, costumes, weapons, also super, just fix that crystals came to the post. In general, the game is super. I advise you to download it to everyone. Good luck to you rozrobodschikhi And zdeliyte Without the lag. And so the game superska good luck!
The game is insanely cool, but I would like to have more characters or to be able to get them out of the boxes or during the passage of the story, but everything is fine)
Great graphics, customization, story. On the optimization of a lot of settings, but warms up the device palpably in spite of the automatic lowering of graphics. Connection to the server occasionally drops, the ping jumps from 100 to 1000 because of this is almost impossible to pass an intense battle with the enemy, superior in strength, because the key spetskills and evasion do not get through the first time.
Very monotonous game, after a month gets tired of doing every day little useful dungeons and quests. To make a daily need more than 3 hours + pump all the characters to the maximum (the monotonous quests, 2 days of nerdiness in each).
Das Spiel erfordert eine sehr gute Grafikkarte und ein aktives Kühlsystem in Ihrem Gerät. Selbst mein One Plus 8 konnte nicht damit umgehen und war thermische Drosselung eine Menge auf hohen Einstellungen vielleicht Umschalten auf sehr niedrige Grafik und mittlere fps shd den Trick tun, um Heizung zu verhindern, aber die Grafik ist wirklich erstaunlich, ich glaube nicht, dass es ein anderes Spiel auf dem Handy, die bessere Grafik als diese hat.
After the last update only crashes I can not go in, costumes change the truth is just a different color interesting only at the beginning, then annoying, so the game is interesting well done story, but crashes, frees and colors annoying, let the developers you did great, but need to finish the game!!!!! Now on emotion put 1 star if I calm down, then put 3
Mein Telefon ist gut genug, um alle Anwendungen auszuführen. Aber ich habe ein großes Problem. Wenn ich Iron Man zum ersten Mal steuere, um gegen M.O.D.O.K. zu kämpfen, funktionieren der Joystick und alle Angriffsoptionen nicht, nur die Sprungtaste funktioniert. Bitte beheben Sie dieses Problem. Ich bin ein großer Fan von Marvel seit meiner Kindheit. Bitte ich möchte dieses Spiel spielen
The game is great, good graphics, among all that I tried in the genre of MMORPG on mobile - the best. Only one thing upsets - not enough characters, please add more. It would be nice to have not only heroes but also villains. Good luck in developing the project!
In general, interesting project, but it would be better if the pumping was a hero, as on the PC version in the Stim once. It was a great game. High requirements. Can barely play on p smart. Lags terribly. Crashes from time to time, the queue for 5-10 minutes.
Constantly delete negative feedback, I have already removed 3 times, the game solid donate, the game as it is not, constantly some reels, optimization is horrible, do not waste your time and money on this creation nedoprogrammerov.
I put 5 *, but after the last update phone began to warm up a lot, given that I play on minimal settings this was not! I think this problem can be solved! The phone is not weak Xiaomi Mi Note 10, played for hours did not warm up at all on minimum settings
The game is great. Summarizing the reviews of those people that Hait game for the fact that it "lags" on their devices, I say - do not zare you for such games with weak mobiles and you will be all right, the developers are good, the game gave the console level of graphics but a little carridor through the gameplay, he certainly is full of colorful inserts and moments but still have where to go. The game is purely for Marvel fans, there are a lot of interesting things for these people) personally I have Oneplus 7 pro with 855 dragon, no frizzes.

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