Garage 54 MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android

Download Garage 54 MOD APK [Mega Menu] for Android ver. 1.56
Name: Garage 54 APK
Version: 1.56
Category: Racing
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 100,000+
Author: Garage 54
ScreenShots Youtube Video
Download Hack Garage 54 MOD APK? ver. 1.56Download Hack Garage 54 MOD APK? ver. 1.56Download Hack Garage 54 MOD APK? ver. 1.56Download Hack Garage 54 MOD APK? ver. 1.56


Garage 54 for Android is a worthwhile game, assembled validated compiler Garage 54. For settings games you must check installed operating system, necessary system requirement games conditioned from mountable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Attentive look closely to this criterion, because it is first claim programmers. Then check existence at your hardware unoccupied space memory, for you minimum format - 50M. Recommended your release more size, than written. During usage games information will be to be written to memory, that will increase final volume. Move all kinds of bad photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack Garage 54 for Android, filled version - 1.56, at page avaible update from August 16, 2021 - install recent version, there were edited errors and hiccups.


Colourful graphic, which unparalleled harmonious enter in game. Cheerful music tracks. Attractive games conditions.


Not good control. Heavy system needs.

Who needed install Garage 54 MOD APK?

You like have fun, it follows from downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who wants good and with benefit spend free time, as well as motivated games fans.


The game is still raw, a lot of bugs. For example, went to shoot videos clicked on the video, but I can not shoot because there is no machine, then went into the editing and obuplikoval video.
I can say that the game is very slow in terms of interface, with the graphics is normal all (only the difference in the graphics settings did not find) Phone powerful in asphalt 8, GTA sa played phone almost did not warm up, but in this game warms up strongly, poor optimization ...
Very much waiting for an update, constantly missing improvements on cars cleaned the rust while spackle again all rusted changes in the external machines are not displayed, editing rollers periodically puts in styling for several hours although it writes that a few minutes, if you leave the garage in the yard to fall under the textures is not difficult, when moving to another garage for the sale of the old money is not returned although it would not be bad. And so the toy is not bad, but the developers are waiting for a huge amount of work refinements
I liked the update, added the ability to sell, fixed some bugs, but the ads are very much, it is impossible to play, annoying, you can not play for a long time
The game itself is interesting, but for some reason always when you paint, and start tuning from the inside, then the paint comes off, and you need to re-clean, primed, and painted.
4/5 because there are bugs. And so the game is very good here you can do a lot of things. There is open-world (well as open-world) and video editing. This game becomes especially interesting when you watch on YouTube how this game was created.
Bugs, freezes and lags. Graphics at the level of browser games in 2010, what about optimization in general? The controls are disgusting. Did you test this game before releasing at all?
I like the game so far, especially like the tracks and the way they redesigned the names of cars, I would like more cars, tuning options and, say, options for finishing inside the garage, but so the game is great
First impressions of the game... Not bad! BUT! There are problems. In race mode is worth only cut into an obstacle as the game crashes out. Fix it and everything will be fine. In the meantime three stars
Very cool update in this game you can earn money making videos on YouTube channel you can buy cars participate in races do tuning and sell can buy equipment and hire specialists I like this game very much do more updates to be very interesting good luck
Tasks are there, but no money for a new car, for a review no busik or money. In the race is not normally earn (well, or for 24 hours on the same track to go) I do not have so much time. No questions to the schedule. And also throws.
Game ooooo very crude, very similar to Motor Depot only worse physics is very crooked, billions of bugs, textures are complete d, control is very buggy and uncomfortable and take it all editor on more powerful this unity and as for me in such a game to shove advertising and donate not a lot of shame, the only thing I liked a variety of cards. But if you fix all these minuses and make something like asphalt 9 then it will be top, but I feel it is still far away.
This is not Garage 54! which I know on YouTube. There are no crazy projects on here! EXAMPLE: a 3 engine or a gasoline engine. There are plenty of similar games. And a lot of commercials for a raw game. 5 stars because I love their channel.
Hello, I will not give you more than a C. Explain the errors I can not, to understand it is necessary to try to play. Well, if you finalize the game is even good.
I do not see the point of playing this game because 1. the project is very crude 2. Stuffed with advertising 3. Accordingly, and donate 4. Incomplete control 5. A lot of bugs observed even if you play 10 minutes But the idea of a good
For the first version is very good, there are flaws but I think the following updates will be fixed For example: Slight hiccup in the races (sometimes even hangs) ;slightly intermittent hangs the garage itself Very much I hope that the game developers will hear me (I play on my smartphone xiaomi redni 5 plus)
The version of the game is raw, but 1.What prevented put a check mark on the auto-turn screen in the settings. 2.On the bushes there are no colliders, so you can go beyond the yard and fall down 3.I do not know how to develop a control car, but why not use a ready mechanics, which is better and more easily adjustable. 4.There is also a problem with the start screen, why does it appear with a delay. 5.At the pressing of a button is better to add a flag, and sometimes the command works twice. Played only a couple of minutes. Good luck to you!
Krch at this game has a future, but we need to radically fix and do it further, while it is a crude product it was not necessary to make it publicly available, too early, we still have a lot of dopilivat, ranging from graphics to design, and yes turn the screen azahazah. And so I say again, there is a future, but now it is not playable.
The game does not always start on the first try and does not turn on the rollers on the gold.but otherwise seem to be normal.fix it honor redmi not 8 pro 6/64gb

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