Beat Fire MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download Beat Fire MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 1.1.89
Name: Beat Fire APK
Version: 1.1.89
Category: Musical
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Adaric Music
ScreenShots Youtube Video
Download Hack Beat Fire MOD APK? ver. 1.1.89Download Hack Beat Fire MOD APK? ver. 1.1.89Download Hack Beat Fire MOD APK? ver. 1.1.89Download Hack Beat Fire MOD APK? ver. 1.1.89


Beat Fire for Android is a great game, developed influential creative team Adaric Music. For run games you must examine installed Android version, indispensable system claim games depends from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Attentive take a look to this condition, because it is important rule author. Then check occurrence at available tablet free space memory, for you smallest format - 42M. Suggest your release more space, than written. In the moment operation games the data will be to be written to memory, that will make it bigger final volume. Move all kinds of old photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack Beat Fire for Android, provided version - 1.1.89, at page avaible loading from January 27, 2022 - download new modification, there were deleted errors and incorrect operation.


Standing graphic, which very coherent enter in game. Funny musical tunes. Fascinating games conditions.


Complicated control. Heavy system conditions.

Who advisable download Beat Fire MOD APK?

You like have fun, omes out given game for you. Without a doubt fits that, who is willing cool and with useful spend unoccupied time, as well as motivated games fans.


Awesome game, takes away bad moods instantly. Everything is beautiful, the sound is tuned as it should be, no disynchronization, the grapheon is on top too. Finally a good game on the playmarket =)
The game is normal, but there is 1 problem because of which spoils everything, sensitivity, the sight can far recoil and because of this miss the target, you can notice it when you put your finger on the sight and will lead in the course of the game and then it will already recoil
Very good and interesting game! Popular music pleases EDM lovers, and everything would be perfect, BUT. The level can suddenly lag and the pace of the game will lag behind the music, causing you to have to replay and go through again. If this is fixed, no more complaints =)
Hello developers, I found out about a bug, if you want to aim at the cube and pull left or right, the sight will fly out of the map, can you fix it, it often happens like this And so very nice to play 4⭐ ┌(・。・)┘♪┌(・。・・)┘♪┌(・。・・)┘♪┌(・。・・)┘♪
I liked the game very much, but I will put 4 only because of the fact that the game needs a function to change the color of the sight. The problem is that the sight merges with the shards and you start to get confused where the sight is located
This is the most super game 1) the music is just cool 2) the game is very relaxing 3) little advertising, and in general advertising is not the worst thing. Thanks to the developers for the game:)
Very cool game, the sound to goosebumps) But that would open the difficulty of the first songs, and open the next need to watch ads. But it does not load at all. Requests to check the connection. Neither on the wi-fi, nor on their own internet. And play only 3 songs on the easy is bored)
I can only say one thing is a masterpiece, but as for me, not enough opportunities to run their songs, there was one game I do not remember the name, but it was possible to run your song, Comrade developers if you can not hard to add this feature will be ocheeeeeeee! Appreciate the earlier thanks
Undoubtedly the game is well implemented in all aspects (adjusted for mobile gaming) but nevertheless I put 3 stars because I can not fully enjoy the functions and mechanics of the game. Most levels require you to move your finger lazily and the only stressful level in my opinion is "Disguese" Please make a Hard mod for mazahistov where the difficulty of the level will grow not by reducing the number of lives, and increase the speed and number of tiles. * Thanks for the answer)
The game is super shooting and reloading to taki music by the way about the music there is a huge amount of music for every taste control is quite easy well I can not say more bad things to say 5 stars
The game is great, very interesting, play this game is addictive, and the music, the music, as it coincides with the movements of the gun and with my mood.Stavlyu 5 zvezd, that is what I was looking for in the 1goda in the games about music. I do not understand those who did not like it because what else is needed for such a game. it has everything and if others "lag" and I do not have so I suggest you change your phone. I have myself xiomi 4 is an old little phone but I have everything works well. thank you very much developers sps
At first I thought the game really goes to the rhythm of the songs and everything, but then I realized that you are stupid add to the song sounds of shots, and the game adapts the song, and I still thought why can not add their music, (even a weapon to buy the truth is not worth it) this game is not worth the precious time.
Die App ist wundervoll, aber sie verzögert sich SEHR, wenn es darum geht, alleine zu spielen. Es ist wirklich ärgerlich, wenn es tut, weil nach ein paar Sekunden sagt es, dass ich verloren. Aber abgesehen davon macht das Spiel wirklich Spaß. Die Lieder sind allerdings auch begrenzt, und es wird ein bisschen langweilig.
Game top almost all the songs listened and played, but I would like a song to add to the game My Demons, Denoms...., and clips 2019-2020 I want that the game was developed to insanity!!! I wish good luck to developers and game helpers =).... (do not obrosheyte on the nickname, my name is ilya)
All cool, but make it possible to add songs to the favorite (so you can not look for them among all the music) and (if possible) the ability to add your own music would be just great.
The game is good, sleepy and entertaining. many moments in it I liked, in general, the game fabulous but I would like to add their own tracks. But thanks for the game.
I used to play a lot, decided to re-download the whole game is great but 1 can not put your music 2 a lot of donation (but without it you can live), Many are complaining about the ads, yes there is a problem, but turn off the Internet and you will not see it

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