Hearing Test MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android

Download Hearing Test MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android ver. 2.0.26
Name: Hearing Test APK
Version: 2.0.26
Category: Medical
OS: Requires Android - 4.0 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: e-audiologia.pl
Download Hack Hearing Test MOD APK? ver. 2.0.26Download Hack Hearing Test MOD APK? ver. 2.0.26Download Hack Hearing Test MOD APK? ver. 2.0.26Download Hack Hearing Test MOD APK? ver. 2.0.26


Hearing Test for Android is a worthwhile application, published reliable creative team e-audiologia.pl. For installation application you required verify current software version, desirable system compliance games varies from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.0 and up. Attentive look closely to this condition, because it is important claim developer. Then check existence at your device vacant space memory, for you smallest format - 4.4M. Recommended your clear more size, than needed. During operation application the data will be save to memory, that will raise final size. Delete all kinds of bad photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack Hearing Test for Android, provided version - 2.0.26, at site avaible correction from July 30, 2021 - download latest version, where were changed glitches and incorrect operation.


Colourful graphic component, which very coherent enter in application. Cheerful musical tunes. Good games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system needs.

Who recommended install Hearing Test MOD APK?

You like have fun, therefore downloaded program for you. Definitely fits that, who intends cheerful and with benefit spend unoccupied time, as well as active games fans.


Half a year ago began to notice that, one ear when listening to music, sagged even had to use the balance, downloaded this application took headphones skomplekta and it is true there is a failure and exactly on that ear that was problematic, so that the program trust.
I like it.
Been testing my hearing with this app for a year now. I like the app very much. Even after deletion, it retains past data.
Passing the board test...now you can do it at home!
Thank you so much for this wonderful app. Everything is so conveniently done - super! It helped me to observe the picture in dynamics and make conclusions. Maybe there would be a function to compare results, export to pictures. And so everything is great!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!............
The marriage virus
all very cool
Does not respond to the button during calibration (as in the second screenshot)
At what volume should the phone be set to get an accurate audiogram ?
all very cool
Нет комментариев ... хорошо ... очень хорошо
Everyone enjoyed the program. The results are similar to those obtained by audiometry at the physical examination. Thanks to the author!
You can add any audible frequencies in the settings. The program is super! Well done.
Good program. I am monitoring hearing recovery after a concussion. There is a small problem: if you press "can not hear" at the beginning of the test immediately after the start of the 8kHz tone test, there is a loud hiss, i.e. no louder than a certain limit to check the hearing.
Great app. Thanks to the developers
...but, in the regular headphones L and R are, alas, not perfectly symmetrical. If you switch places, it is easy to see. Nevertheless, the application is excellent.
Thanks to the developers. Now with the help of this program I will test my organ.Thanks again.

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