MapFactor Navigator MOD APK [Unlocked] for Android

Download MapFactor Navigator MOD APK [Unlocked] for Android ver. 7.1.37
Name: MapFactor Navigator APK
Version: 7.1.37
OS: Requires Android - 6.0 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: MapFactor
Download Hack MapFactor Navigator MOD APK? ver. 7.1.37Download Hack MapFactor Navigator MOD APK? ver. 7.1.37Download Hack MapFactor Navigator MOD APK? ver. 7.1.37Download Hack MapFactor Navigator MOD APK? ver. 7.1.37


MapFactor Navigator for Android is a popular program, produced tried and tested creative team MapFactor. For builds application you must check your operating system, indispensable system compliance applications depends from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 6.0 and up. Serious take a look to this value, because it is primary requirement publisher. Next check existence at available smartphone free volume memory, for you required format - 121M. Recommended your release more volume, than needed. In the moment operation application information will be save to memory, that will raise final size. Move all kinds of old photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack MapFactor Navigator for Android, available version - 7.1.37, at page avaible correction from January 28, 2022 - download new modification, where were edited problems and incorrect operation.


Colourful picture, which unparalleled harmonious included in application. Cheerful musical tunes. Attractive games tasks.


Complicated control. Large system needs.

Who needed install MapFactor Navigator MOD APK?

Love have fun, omes out downloaded application for you. Especially will fit that, who intends great and with benefit spend free time, as well as motivated users.


Changed the grade to positive. Had to contact by mail with the developers about the installation of maps. I apologize for hasty wrong conclusions. Good application for cycling.
The most comprehensive offline navigation app. No other app shows viewpoints and campgrounds, campsites and camper sites like this. Even mountain trails through passes are included. So, in the Fann Mountains on this navigation with my son went to Chimtarga. 4800м! And the navigation worked exactly. And even gave out possible camp sites. Thanks to the developers)))
Total goofball
Drove for a day, everything was very good, two days later turned on does not find the satellite, strangely reboot did not help, went on the road at once worked)
Not always the correct route, sometimes spontaneously changing the orientation when navigating. But for a free application is very good.
This navigator is a disaster. The route to the target laid around the city - 20 km when the target is 3 km and 15 minutes away. First, make a properly working software, let me test it for 2 months and then ask for money. I know the city very well and the roads that lead to the goal. I chose all the means of transportation in turn, but the route was the same.
In general, the navigator is good. It will fully meet the needs of the traveler in the free version. For moving along the highway with additional parameters, everything is very well organized. For the orientation on the cities all the necessary parameters in the presence and are relevant. PS: for developers. There is an island in Italy, which was artificially created and was registered back in the 80s. Here he is absent. I give you the coordinates of the island. 45010 isola Albarella is in the province of Rovigo. Thank you.
The app endlessly began to require a memory card, which is present. Everything is fine with the memory card. Other applications work, data can be written. It is impossible to use.
The app is good! A lot of applications on OSM maps, this navigator: lightweight, more accurate, free, a lot of settings, there is a 3D mode, maps are updated. In general, one +!
There is not enough information on villages and other small settlements. It is necessary to separate the Kaliningrad region of Russia into a separate map, because loading unnecessary territory of the North-West eats up a lot of space.

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