Blood Pressure Tracker MOD APK [Premium] for Android

Download Blood Pressure Tracker MOD APK [Premium] for Android ver. 3.2.5
Name: Blood Pressure Tracker APK
Version: 3.2.5
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: mEL Studio
Download Hack Blood Pressure Tracker [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 3.2.5Download Hack Blood Pressure Tracker [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 3.2.5Download Hack Blood Pressure Tracker [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 3.2.5Download Hack Blood Pressure Tracker [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 3.2.5


Blood Pressure Tracker for Android is a good application, assembled validated creative team mEL Studio. For installation application you should verify your operating system, minimum system compliance games depends from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Deeply thoughtful look closely to mentioned condition, because it is primary claim developer. Then evaluate presence at given tablet unused space memory, for you required format - 21M. Suggest your release more size, than written. In progress usage application information will be transferred to memory, that will increase final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Blood Pressure Tracker for Android, available version - 3.2.5, at portal avaible update from February 21, 2022 - download updated modification, where were corrected problems and hiccups.


Colourful graphic, which unparalleled harmonious included in application. Naughty music tracks. Fascinating games conditions.


Not convenient control. Large system needs.

Who needed pick up Blood Pressure Tracker [Premium MOD] for Android

Love have fun, so given program for you. Especially will fit that, who intends great and with useful spend active time, as well as young games fans.


I can not find how to synchronize between devices! please tell me how to do it!
Everything is clear, convenient, functional. I like it.
Got the full version, everything works great, very convenient!
No export and print function - this is bad
Great app! On the downside I can not buy the premium version. It gives an error.
For an app to really become good, a full version is needed. But it is not possible to buy it. An ordinary notebook with a limited number of entries and necessary functions.
Thanks, the app is great, even my husband installed one for himself and now keeps his blood pressure monitored!
Handy app for monitoring blood pressure. nothing extra. thanks!
convenient, and rarely any application can boast of 19 trackers!!!!
Almost perfect, but I would like to synchronize with Google Fit.
After the last update it became less convenient to add a measurement. Previously, when adding the average figures were specified and from them it was convenient to set a new measurement. Now it defaults to 120/80. People with low blood pressure have to twist down both values for a long time. Also it has a huge inscription that the pressure is high. Please fix it.
Writing on paper is not fated to forget, this app helps: reminders work, what you need the data records, want to see in the schedule, advertising is not annoying.
Everything is clear, convenient, and functional. I like it.
Excellent. Add voice input, that would be awesome.
I propose to make the following additions, namely the ability to add not only pressure information, but also: - air temperature, - humidity, - moon phase, - ambient pressure, - level of physical activity the day before on a 10-point scale. Believe me, these factors are very influential on human condition and will improve the quality of analytics collected by your program. These will be great additions to the program.
Convenient, I would also like the option of an alarm clock to remind me to measure at the same time!
Started to use it, so far I like it.
The notifications do not have an execution or closure mark on them. You have to use another application, which is not very convenient
The app is great. But the new version (3.2) broke the language switch in the settings. Always in the application system language, regardless of what is selected in the settings.
It is not clear why you should set the range of normal pressure and heart rate in the settings, if it is in no way reflected in the data entry. It would be reasonable, if after entering the next data, it would be clearly visible: these data are within the limits of the specified norm, or outside the norm. In addition, the range of normal heart rate in the settings can not be set, only the pressure.
Great app. You can create your own tags. For example, after taking medication.
It is very convenient to enter data and look at statistics.
Thanks, the app is great, even my husband put one for himself and now keeps his blood pressure monitored!
Yes, perhaps the best app - in addition to blood pressure and heart rate, it also has weight, health, and temperature. The interface is VERY user-friendly, understandable even for a fool, and for a smart person it is just a tool for analysis and forecasting.
I really like the app. I would also like to see a colored dot on the graph with the drug intake (to better understand why the graph went down)

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