VeryFitPro MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android

Download VeryFitPro MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android ver. 3.3.7
Name: VeryFitPro APK
Version: 3.3.7
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Smart Wearable Devices
Download Hack VeryFitPro MOD APK? ver. 3.3.7Download Hack VeryFitPro MOD APK? ver. 3.3.7Download Hack VeryFitPro MOD APK? ver. 3.3.7


VeryFitPro for Android is a cool program, uploaded authoritative compiler Smart Wearable Devices. For builds games you must verify current software version, indispensable system claim applications conditioned from loadable version. For you - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Sensitively take a look to this position, because it is leading requirement developer. After this check existence at personal tablet unused size memory, for you required volume - 35M. Suggest your release more volume, than claimed. In progress operation application information will be loaded to memory, that will raise final size. Delete all kinds of unwanted photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack VeryFitPro for Android, provided version - 3.3.7, at portal avaible installation from January 15, 2022 - download updated version, where were changed errors and hiccups.


Colourful graphic component, which crazy harmonious fit in program. Cheerful music tracks. Entertaining games tasks.


Not good control. Large system needs.

Who recommended download VeryFitPro MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, it follows from downloaded application for you. Especially fits that, who wants fun and with benefit spend unoccupied time, as well as mature games fans.


Stopped synchronizing my heart rate. Re-paired the bracelet to my phone. First time updated heart rate readings, no longer updates. Steps and sleep collects data. The app shows them. Fix the error, please
Hello. On my Honor 9 Lite, the real time connection with the wristband happens only when the app is running. I put a lock on the app to keep it in the running apps, but every day the app still closes after a while. All permissions and rights of the application are granted, the application should not close the phone. This situation appeared after the update to Android 9. There are still a number of situations: 1. I try to change the language of the application from the system language to English > restart the application > remains Russian, where a bunch of nevelezayek. 2. Can you tell me from which service takes the weather, it clearly does not correspond to the current weather of my city and popular services.
Add a wristband search and the program will be super
The app is good. It keeps in touch with the watch. Shows everything you need. Thank you!
When connected, the bracelet sees but does not connect, although everything worked before.
No background synchronization of wristband data
Everything works perfectly, thank you very convenient)
Can not connect - the clock sees in the overview, and constantly wants to pair with the clock, nonsense complete deleted.
Add Telegram and the Russian language.
Add notification "BK" OK "MARKET KZ" OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS put an iron "5" in mi bahd 2-3 has everything, and here is boring
The app stopped seeing the bracelet! Now the bracelet has become useless. The time shows incorrectly, does not count steps. What to do?
The app has flaws but it is quite good, I would like to ask: I can not connect the message notifications (I do not understand how), can you tell me about this function more clearly please
Add dials and the ability to change them in the app, also would like more social networks with message alerts, otherwise I like everything. Umidigi uwatch 3
As for me,the application works great.With the clock is connected immediately,no brakes,no hangs,the connection is not interrupted.Yes,the translation is a little messy,but even with it you can intuitively understand and configure everything. The only thing you can not guess is that the Celsius is Fahrenheit, and vice versa! Want what would be the degrees were in C, and select F! Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about.Star removed for a small number of dials-very small selection.But,I hope that someday they will add!
The app started crashing, no opening, no syncing with the bracelet. Hello, developers.
does not find it, and what it does find, it does not connect!!!
I do not recommend using this app, and the clock to it, it is better to pay a little extra and there will be more positive emotions!
Hello. The application was great everything worked well, everything was understandable, but after the last update the application has become terrible, not only that you have changed the name of some functions, etc. so also the name does not fit on the screen and you can only see the incomplete words. I want and I know I am the only one I do not want you to return everything as it was. Then the app will be great but I hope that for now it is terrible.
The app is good. It keeps in touch with the clock. Shows everything you need. Thank you!
Bluetooth is constantly looking for a long time, and then in a minute it flies out and so you can "300" times include, turn off and the battery sits in vain on the bracelet. Yes, he does not recognize sleep, you can fall asleep during the day, and he instead of counting it as a dream, he includes motion control and every 20 minutes will be.
The bracelet id107plus requires Cyrillic support for the correct display of messages!!!
1) It would be nice if they made notifications from VK (switching music from VK is, but no notifications) 2) While the bracelet is on the charge shows that I was sleeping at this moment (what nonsense ....) 3) Heart rate shows strange. At one point it showed a mark of 144, a little later looked in the application - the heart rate for the whole did not rise above 133 4) In the application sleep schedule is incomprehensible. What time did the sound sleep start, what time did it go into light sleep. Why is the time in the middle of a sound sleep?!

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