Tabata Timer: Interval Timer MOD APK [Premium] for Android

Download Tabata Timer: Interval Timer MOD APK [Premium] for Android ver. 5.2.2
Name: Tabata Timer: Interval Timer APK
Version: 5.2.2
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
Author: Eugene Sharafan
Download Hack Tabata Timer: Interval Timer [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 5.2.2Download Hack Tabata Timer: Interval Timer [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 5.2.2Download Hack Tabata Timer: Interval Timer [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 5.2.2Download Hack Tabata Timer: Interval Timer [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 5.2.2


Tabata Timer: Interval Timer for Android is a popular program, issued influential developer Eugene Sharafan. For builds application you required test current software version, indispensable system requirement games depends from installable version. For your device - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Sensitively take a look to mentioned position, because it is primary claim publisher. After this check presence at your smartphone empty space memory, for you required size - 13M. Recommend your release more space, than required. In progress operation application the data will be transferred to memory, that will increase final volume. Delete all kinds of old photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack Tabata Timer: Interval Timer for Android, available version - 5.2.2, at page avaible update from August 25, 2020 - download updated modification, in it were deleted problems and crashes.


Colourful graphic, which very coherent enter in application. Funny a piece of music. Entertaining games tasks.


Complicated control. Heavy system conditions.

Who recommended download Tabata Timer: Interval Timer [Premium MOD] for Android

You like have fun, it follows from downloaded application for you. Definitely will fit that, who wants cheerful and with benefit spend active time, as well as young users.


Background runs for a small amount of time, needed a timer for every two hours. To the answer below - other apps have no problems with xiaomi when running in the background. Even if such a problem cannot be solved without manually digging through the settings, I would prefer to know about such a problem before I install the program (for example, in the application description).
Thank you. Very handy app! Now I can do the V.I.T. with flying colors! Heard the signals well, with a 3 second countdown, so there is time to prepare. The menu is simple and easy to use. I recommend it))))
The app is great, for training is perfect, no ads during breaks, does not lag, not reset <> (like some training programs do) poseyavit 10/10 if possible, I recommend it.
An app from the future
I like the app. For me it was very important that the application had the ability to create personal scenarios, this is implemented here, which I am very glad. I liked the fact that you can put different sounds at the end of different intervals and set the report back at the last seconds. The graphical design, in my opinion, can be improved at least in terms of proportions of pictures and text. But this is a matter of taste))) There is still a moment that I have not found how to rename the name of the workout.
Workouts are very convenient and flexible (in the paid version): time, names, descriptions, breaks, rest! But changes in workouts are not always saved. Sometimes they just disappear, I would like this error to be corrected. Thanks for the answer ↓))))) all understood!
Best app, no workouts, timer and everything in it, convenient that you can save your workout, make the only thing, a description of the workout, so you can say write what you do, but otherwise super. The best of the 8 apps with high rating in Playmate that I have tested. ................ Thanks for the reply!
Good app! As convenient as it is insistent, especially hit the function of adding pictures to each workout! Lots of customization.
Cool, handy app, very helpful when you do not have to poke a hundred times to press stop, as on the stopwatch. Also, you can not miss the start or end of the exercise because of the gong
Great tabata!
Very cool timer! You can create an individual workout from start to finish, prescribe exercises, add pictures, choose sounds, colors, and anything else you want. It is very convenient and enjoyable to train with it. Thank you! Z.I. I would like to ask to add more calm colors, pastel colors. It would be just magical.
Ich habe ein paar davon verwendet, habe aber normalerweise Probleme mit Trainingssätzen, da ich einige Intervalle länger als andere haben möchte und die Zeiten für bestimmte Teile erhöhen oder verringern möchte. Dieses Programm ist einfach einzustellen, leicht zu ändern und die Warnungen sind gut. Das einzige kleine Problem ist, dass ich nach der Einstellung einer Übungsstruktur drei Sätze dieser Übungen einstellen kann. Wenn ich z. B. den letzten Satz erhöhen möchte, muss ich dies separat tun, oder alle drei Sätze werden aktualisiert. Das ist aber kein wirkliches Problem.
In my opinion, one of the most convenient and at the same time functional applications in this category. The large figures are convenient and well visible when exercising. I would like the developers to make automatic synchronization with the cloud.
Great app. Large numbers, clear beeps and speech synthesis (exercise names for example). The two timers of the free version are enough.
A very convenient and cool offer. Without it, it would be very inconvenient and bad. And the ads at the end is easy to turn off and does not interfere (and sometimes even useful). A huge human THANK YOU to the author!

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