Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android

Download Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH MOD APK [Ad-Free] for Android ver. 7.12.3
Name: Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH APK
Version: 7.12.3
Category: Finance
OS: Requires Android - 6.0 and up
Installations: 5,000,000+
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Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH for Android is a good application, produced tried and tested team of programmers For installation application you must analyze current operating system, indispensable system claim games varies from installable version. For you - Requires Android - 6.0 and up. Sensitively look closely to this criterion, because it is leading requirement author. After this check presence at your hardware unused space memory, for you required size - 88M. Suggest your release more volume, than claimed. In the moment operation program the data will be transferred to memory, that will make it bigger final size. Delete all kinds of old photos, low-quality videos and unplayable applications. Hack Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH for Android, current version - 7.12.3, at site avaible correction from February 15, 2022 - install up-to-date modification, there were corrected glitches and incorrect operation.


Beautiful graphic, which crazy plastically enter in program. Cheerful music tracks. Good games conditions.


Complicated control. Large system requirements.

Who needed install Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC, BCH & ETH MOD APK?

You like have fun, omes out this program for you. Especially will fit that, who wants cheerful and with benefit spend active time, as well as active users.


The program is Raw! Transactions do not pass, support in English, when logging in, the password I enter says incorrectly how to restore (forgot your password? restore via email!? and so on does not work!) x/knows no support, all gone! Uninstall!
convenient and easy
Can you tell me how to find out my wallet address?
very nice purse
Convenient that there is no registration, but completely insecure wallet.
Постоянно тормозит (((( В основных настройках нет самого главного - привязки кредитной карты. Как можно привязать банковскую карту к кошельку в вашем приложении? Это простое и стандартное действие, оно не указано нигде в описании и его нет в настройках. Как и где ???
Complete n...l., luckily there was little, glitched phone, had to reset, on google logged in, but the password is wrong... no money
4 times I sent 0.5 bitcoins none came what a wallet cavity scam you mosheiniki where my bitcoins from the maner said sent to Bitcoin com there four addresses, there is zero bitcoin you mosheiniki
Got an account and a wallet in the app. It clearly says that bitcoin sales are available, but when I received funds today and tried to sell them, it said that sales are not available in that region. It turns out that the company is deliberately misleading people in regions where sales are prohibited. I wrote to support, I thought they would transfer money to another wallet without a commission, but I was refused. Now, I have to spend my own money for cheating the company. FRAUD!!!
I really like to manage payments via bitcoin
Loophole do not download, skidal at the purse their bitcoins after knocking down the phone to the factory settings set their old data I go into the purse and there 0btk. Where is my money?
Very long registration, uncomfortable wallet.
Hacked purse, stole money, in general, I advise you to delete the purse, 1000 $ stolen.
Cheaters. I tried to withdraw the money - writes no sale in your area, we will inform you when it is possible. To buy bitcoin, there was no problem for some reason. Do not be fooled.
How to top up a purse in rubles, anyone tell me?) there is an instruction?
What is this huge fee!!! 300 p and not enough!!!
Can not send a certain amount of bitcoins only if all, and I sent and they disappeared, the conclusion is the application steals bitcoins do not dare to install
I do not understand how to sell BCH through the application
What kind of maniacal greed is this? Buying $309 worth of bitcoin in the app, a $26 network fee

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