Dating and Chat MOD APK [Premium] for Android

Download Dating and Chat MOD APK [Premium] for Android ver. 1.17.91
Name: Dating and Chat APK
Version: 1.17.91
Category: Dating
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: SweetMeet
Download Hack Dating and Chat [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 1.17.91Download Hack Dating and Chat [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 1.17.91Download Hack Dating and Chat [Premium MOD] for Android ver. 1.17.91


Dating and Chat for Android is a quality program, published authoritative publisher SweetMeet. For run application you would be useful check installed Android version, minimum system claim games depends from loadable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Not jokingly take a look to this value, because it is head condition developer. Then check presence at available phone unused size memory, for you minimum volume - 68M. Suggest your release more size, than written. In the moment operation program information will be to be written to memory, that will make it bigger final size. Move all kinds of stupid photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack Dating and Chat for Android, current version - 1.17.91, at site avaible installation from February 22, 2022 - run up-to-date modification, in it were removed defects and incorrect operation.


Colourful graphic component, which unparalleled coherent fit in application. Naughty a piece of music. Attractive games conditions.


Not clear control. Heavy system needs.

Who recommended download Dating and Chat [Premium MOD] for Android

Love have fun, therefore this application for you. Especially will fit that, who wants cheerful and with useful spend unoccupied time, as well as mature games fans.


Guys do not recommend downloading this application is not good here, just watsapp women, and telegram women, perhaps also scammers and beggars, a lot of pictures uploaded, and a lot of advertising, my profile deleted.
Slips in a photo for evaluation, the same one with different names and ages. Absolutely inaccurate shows the geoposition. For each user the interlocutor from the same city shows. Except that Moscow is not on Sakhalin and I am not in Achinsk and not in Kazan, as it seems to my interlocutors. The advertising is intrusive - horrible.
The app is a total stinker! There is no one there, even tech support answers very sluggishly, you can even say not at all. Search system only by id, when you change your city automatically changes the city of all the people you like, all people are online, no one answers and it is not clear whether the profile is alive or the person has not been for several years. And yes, an inexhaustible source of advertising, which can be stopped only by VIP-status, but it is not for sure! In short, look for other apps!
The app is a dump with bots, scammers and ads for every action. Even just switching between main tabs you will see ads. The best app for watching ads and losing money 6/5
4 stars for not reading my posts at all .... ...but in general very good offer in terms of donations ...And About Advertising I have an app in the Play Market and I know that advertising is the only income if the app is so free .... make it so that you can see who is online and who is not.... Well everything could be awesome but it will not be read at all even by those who have likes ...
the worst application 1 does not correctly indicate the location, I am not interested in girls are not from my city, but shows that my city, but in fact from another! a lot of ads for so much that just can not use the application, after each click, and there are long ads can not exit it, and have to close the application! Dear developers the meaning of the application is not bad, but correct the advertising is not so fill the application, the location to indicate correctly
There is not a single girl from my town. And it pisses me off all the time with the same ads. What about all the girls from Moscow or Moscow region, and writes in the search as from my city
1. For those who want to download. All the people in the app are "photostrana" users. (The abundance of advertising in the application immediately seemed familiar to me). Today I wrote to a woman on mutual sympathy, so she said that she just plays on "photostrana". So do not be surprised if people will not respond or respond that they just play, the basis of the general 2.Very many ads. make a small banner, as in DrukVokrug, reduce the frequency of advertising in messages by 5 times. then for 3 ads in a row have to look
After installation, the application does not load. Hangs with the screen - "loading".
I was very disappointed with the app. All write a lot of advertising, and it is yes, you have to connect a subscription in any other way. I used to sit there was shown the time when the interlocutor came in, but now all the time online shows (in fact, there are no people alive) some beggars or bots. For the last time I use this application and do not recommend connecting a subscription because it is a waste of money and time due to the same robots and it is not clear which accounts are alive.
1) A lot of advertising, after each action (I understand that the developers also want to eat, but if only that) 2) A large number of fake pages 3) No match location.I communicate with a girl, I vysvechitsya that she is from my city, but in fact from another.She has the same situation. CONCLUSION: Do not even download, useless application.
Die Leute beschweren sich, dass sie Werbung bekommen. Meiner funktioniert nicht und Nachrichten werden nicht gesendet. Lohnt sich nicht

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