Stack Colors! MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download Stack Colors! MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 3.1
Name: Stack Colors! APK
Version: 3.1
Category: Casual
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 100,000,000+
Author: VOODOO
Download Hack Stack Colors! MOD APK? ver. 3.1Download Hack Stack Colors! MOD APK? ver. 3.1Download Hack Stack Colors! MOD APK? ver. 3.1Download Hack Stack Colors! MOD APK? ver. 3.1


Stack Colors! for Android is a great game, made influential author VOODOO. For installation games you required check your software version, necessary system claim games depends from installable version. For now - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Housekeeping look closely to given criterion, because it is leading rule author. Next check presence at your hardware empty volume memory, for you required size - 49M. Recommended your release more space, than needed. In progress operation games information will be transferred to memory, that will raise final size. Move all kinds of unwanted photos, outdated videos and unimportant applications. Hack Stack Colors! for Android, current version - 3.1, at portal avaible version from April 7, 2021 - download new modification, here were removed defects and hiccups.


Beautiful graphic component, which very coherent fit in game. Funny music tracks. Entertaining games tasks.


Complicated control. Large system conditions.

Who recommended download Stack Colors! MOD APK?

You like have fun, omes out downloaded game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who intends cheerful and with useful spend free time, as well as active games fans.


WHY IS THAT GUY NAKED?! Of course, sorry for the word but why is his butt right visible, why there are not even clothes? (initial and continuous, in the sense that you could change the character) but so everything is normal and PLEASE, PLEASE ADD clothes!
The game is cool, but there are too many ads
The game is normal but there is a minus a lot of advertising remove advertising pzh.
very easy levels, a lot of ads, and on the plus side it is suitable for weak phones
The game is cool is very good but a lot of ads recommend playing without internet
The game is not bad, but can I tell you that there are a lot of ads? And ads are full *****.
Top Download But a lot of ads but atklyu Chi internet and there will not be a lot of ads
Lots of ads TONS!!! I certainly understand that you can turn off the Internet and there will be no ads, but still, please remove the ads) Thanks for the attention I hope you understand
You when you write bad comments you think how long this game was created this game is good you just do not know how to play it understand?! (And now May assessment of this game is great game I can dive into it at night, it is very, very интересная❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
After the July 8 update, bug on bug started. Just hangs and skips the color change frames and does not pick up chips. Impossible to play. P.S. Before this update, the game was on a solid 4 *
I say this to those who said, "A lot of ads then lags, etc." Just turn off the Internet all do not complain developers are trying to do and you are complaining
Hello VODOO, I would like to comment on your games. All of them are made by copy - no variety, a lot of advertising, bored literally a day. The same goals, the same design, the same figures, lazy very, this is not serious. And most annoying - advertising your games in other applications. The sloppiness, the mini-game that when you start to play, you get thrown back here. I want to spit in the face of the people who make these ads. The negligence to everything, the horror. All the best.
The game is okay, but the levels are light and this game like all games from this razrobotchik not for a long time for 30min-1 hour
Very cool game but there is a minus very many ads
Ich mag dieses Spiel (es vertreibt die Zeit), aber jetzt erscheint jedes Mal, wenn es zum Ende kommt und meinen Punktestand anzeigt, die Schaltfläche "Weiter" nicht und die Schaltfläche "Zurück" funktioniert nicht. Also muss ich die App zwangsbeenden, um wieder spielen zu können. Außerdem bewegt sich die Person manchmal nicht, wenn ich wische.
One star in the first bad graphics in the second when I enter it comes out developers can play better games
At level 30 the game is broken and the little man when you have to push the blocks just rests against something and runs on the spot
Very cool game, I tell you honestly there is no downside, just the bomb, so I give it 5 stars.
This game is really good.
The game is cool me but why are there so many ads!!!!!!
Played for a week, reached level 80. It seems all was well, but when the game began to hang heavily and I decided to reload the game itself (without uninstalling). As a result, I have all over again from the first level began!
Very entertaining game, few ads, interesting bonuses 10 out of 10

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