Cooking Team MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android

Download Cooking Team MOD APK [Unlimited Coins] for Android ver. 8.1.11
Name: Cooking Team APK
Version: 8.1.11
Category: Arcade
OS: Requires Android - 4.4 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Snail House Games
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Cooking Team for Android is a worthwhile game, assembled reliable creative team Snail House Games. For run games you must test current Android version, necessary system claim applications varies from loadable version. For your device - Requires Android - 4.4 and up. Attentive look closely to this value, because it is key requirement programmers. Next check presence at your smartphone unoccupied space memory, for you required size - 100M. Recommended your clear more volume, than needed. In progress usage application the data will be to be written to memory, that will complement final size. Move all kinds of stupid photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack Cooking Team for Android, available version - 8.1.11, at portal avaible update from February 8, 2022 - download recent version, where were corrected defects and crashes.


Excellent graphic component, which crazy coherent included in game. Cheerful music tracks. Fascinating games conditions.


Not convenient control. Impressive system requirements.

Who recommended download Cooking Team MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, therefore given game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who is willing cheerful and with benefit spend active time, as well as young games fans.


What a game
Here all would be good but no, annoying not even that there is sucking stars like (replace the lantern-star, turn off the wiring-star, finally hang the lantern from****-star!!!!). And the fact that the interior wants to choose yourself and not stupidly sit and click on the stars, no, such a game I do not like, what is the fun of playing if you create everything according to your idea.
The game stopped loading, stops at 99% and hangs
So far triple, the game is good, interesting, but the prices are something something, where to so inflate? To earn so much is not realistic... So even repeatedly even pass the levels can not ... If you can not pass the level and need an upgrade, and you do not have money, then nothing can not do.... Remove such high prices, or give where else to earn them... I hope they fix it
Thanks, love the game! Only one minus: in the 1st restaurant I already change the couches, but the floor is still with some holes and its repair is not offered. It must be some kind of bug? Please fix it.
I am interested, but there are nuances. from the game has become often thrown out during the level or watching ads: lost points, do not get bonuses. When passing the level points are not awarded in full, but only a fraction of them. Finished the room now. The next kitchen was supposed to be, but the game hung on loading the room: no play, no room to pump. If today-tomorrow will not load, I will delete it
Strange game... I have time to serve, but I can not get enough coins to the goal because the time runs out. No improvements on the increase in prices for products... in the scrap, in short, nerves are more important
Some of the coins for passing levels simply do not count. Think that we are idiots and will not notice it. The game is deleted, the review is not corrected.
Horror. Why are there so many ads? During the game braking terrible that a simple level can not pass any way, you need to take extra time for the diamonds or view ads. That is, all the time to watch ads. And besides a bunch of ads. Okay would be different, and then the same thing.
I really like the game. After the 680th level problems began: crashes, the button "star for advertising" does not work at all, earned rubies do not add
The game is interesting, but today I went in and it was like the first day, the prizes for each day started from the beginning. And the waiters updated, some fully three stars, and now I have them all without updating - no stars. Very frustrating, went in every day.
80% of the game is built on donation. There are such difficult levels that, well, without boosters can not pass. But the game is mega interesting. Three stars.
I really like it, I can not find anything like this, but the defects in the form of constant sub-lag during the game - terribly annoying. And the new levels are waiting for three months already, the baby had time to give birth... Comrades developers, awww, well, you can not delay so
After updating the level does not end - finished waiters, there is music, no endcreen (previously could take extra waiters, tried to burn the dish (not to burn the level) and still no endcreen, and hangs infinitely. Wrote to the post at the request of the developer - no answer or hello
Everything would be great if not for the following points you: 1. For some reason, when you do not pass the level coins are not credited in full (1/3 or half). Thus, to earn an improvement takes too much time. 2. Gives really little time to pass the level. 3. Instead of combining the "remove the old sofas" - pay a few stars to clean each couch - too expensive.
The equipment is many times more expensive than you can earn in the game. To pass the levels you either have to pay or play endlessly on one level without passing it. Daily bonuses are displayed, but do not work. Ready-made orders are dispensed automatically, because of this dissatisfied waiters leave and the level is not passed. Clicking on the products often does not work, have to press repeatedly, wastes time, the level is not passed. Because of all this had to delete the game
Good poking, when there is nothing to do is great, develops motor skills and reaction speed. But how annoying lags. Some dishes need to click at a certain angle, and because everything must be done quickly because of these lags often lose. Daily bonus in general weighs as it has hung since the first day, except for life does not give anything. The story itself is pointless and has no effect on the game, it is not interesting to watch him, just wastes time. Do something with the engine, because well really pissed off.
Terrible. Why are there so many ads? During the game braking terrible that a simple level can not pass any way, you need to take extra time for the diamonds or view ads. That is, all the time to watch ads. And besides a bunch of ads. Okay would be different, and then the same thing.
The game is interesting, passed all levels that were, but there are still a lot of unopened rooms, I would like to continue, and no. Too bad.
The game is great, but began to stumble((( (time on the level runs out, and the level does not end, so the time at 00:00 and hangs, and no customers. And you can cook.
Good evening. Today the game has been updated again. Advertising does not turn on to get a star. You play, then the picture freezes, you have to exit and start again.
The game is super, but took 2 stars off!!! First levels are very difficult to pass, all upgraded food is prepared quickly, but still do not have time, waiters leave very little money!!! Secondly, no matter how many improved waiters they are still slow, time is also wasted on walking a lot, why walk across the hall to do!!! 3 stars, I will not give it any more.
I play on two phones, one game has updated and it was just impossible to play, levels do not pass (although the other device was almost all the restaurants), the interface is better to leave as it was. Better to add new restaurants. And please bring back the previous version of the game.
Ich habe die Aktualisierungen nicht erhalten, wie Sie sagten. Alle Levels sind von mir fertiggestellt worden und jetzt wird es als "coming soon" angezeigt. Eigentlich ist dies ein sehr interessantes Spiel. Aber es ist das einzige Spiel, das ich spiele, das seit Monaten keine Updates mehr liefert. Bitte überprüfen Sie dieses Problem.
Ich glaube, ich bin jetzt süchtig nach diesem Spiel. Ich liebe es. Seine Geist entspannend, einfach zu spielen, aber herausfordernd zur gleichen Zeit ✨❤️
2 Key Points über das SpielJust begann das Spiel 1. Job enthält Glitches 1. Glitch es lässt Sie nicht auf das Lebensmittel-Symbol klicken, wenn das Essen fertig ist coikin Ich habe die App geschlossen und wieder geöffnet.Dieses Spiel ist rubbish.Also Wahnsinn, um 1 Stern nur zu entfernen alten und 1 Stern, um neue hinzufügen.Dieses Spiel ist voll von Anzeigen als gut.
After the update, all my completed levels reset, all I passed, eventually returned to the very beginning of the game before learning...I do not think this is normal, but the game anyway addictive, but to pass all again no desire
And the big minus is that you can not change the selected furniture, walls, etc., and most importantly, that most of the furniture and wallpaper, floors in general, just puts the game itself is automatic, without the right to choose what I like. Why can not you change your name in the game! In all games you can do this, as well as change the interior. After updating, bonuses to help from advertising are not credited and without dop.boosters simply unrealistic some levels was passed, so minus point!

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