Color Hole 3D MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download Color Hole 3D MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 4.0.46
Name: Color Hole 3D APK
Version: 4.0.46
Category: Arcade
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 50,000,000+
Author: Good Job Games
Download Hack Color Hole 3D MOD APK? ver. 4.0.46Download Hack Color Hole 3D MOD APK? ver. 4.0.46Download Hack Color Hole 3D MOD APK? ver. 4.0.46


Color Hole 3D for Android is a popular game, issued authoritative compiler Good Job Games. For unzipped games you must check your operating system, minimum system compliance applications conditioned from installable version. For you - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Not jokingly look closely to this criterion, because it is first claim programmers. Then check presence at your smartphone unused size memory, for you required volume - Varies with device. Suggest your release more volume, than claimed. In progress usage games information will be loaded to memory, that will raise final volume. Move all kinds of stupid photos, outdated videos and unplayable applications. Hack Color Hole 3D for Android, filled version - 4.0.46, at portal avaible version from February 7, 2022 - install recent version, where were corrected errors and hiccups.


Excellent graphic, which unparalleled coherent fit in game. Cheerful a piece of music. Fascinating games tasks.


Not good control. Large system conditions.

Who recommended download Color Hole 3D MOD APK?

You are liked have fun, therefore this game for you. Without a doubt will fit that, who wants cheerful and with benefit spend active time, as well as mature games fans.


The game is cool but there is one thing but there are intervals lags ads dahrenishche and this vibration gives just on the nerves ah yes and also levels are very easy to pass I pastavela 5⭐
At level 2 the screen goes black except for a few white pieces .
Between level 1 and 2 hangs and drops out, the game is cool, but do something about it!
The game is cool, but I hate it because of the mandatory ads. Ads that can be scrolled through can still be tolerated, but.......g...
at the first level hangs: just a black screen and on it this hole and white cubes, nothing moves
Stupidity. on the 13th or 14th level there where something that can not how to say, well fall through the hole is on those things that must be eaten can not pass, I bet you stopped at this level, and no more invented because this level and so no one will not pass!!!!
There are a lot of commercials, after every game. And also when you collect money the game hangs very much.
something does not play, or rather after the beginning hangs and black screen except for the cubes
The game in principle is good but one it takes a very long time to load 2 when you play that always advertising
Complete crap to play need apparently supercomputer, for the first level of wild lags, and then a black screen, but you can see the ads, thanks!
They updated the game, well done. Made keys and chests, the opportunity to buy all sorts of things, but did you at least look at these chests with coins and the store itself where you buy all sorts of things DUPPIT, just awful. The game itself runs smoothly and without glitches, but as you get to open the chests, the feeling that sat down for a prehistoric computer.
At level 2, the image disappeared and the game stopped working. Uninstalled it 3 times, and each time at the 2nd level, the image disappears. What to do in this situation?
Not a bad idea. BUT!!! After 100 levels, instead of levels become more complicated, they are stupidly repeated, changing only the color
added a vibration effect, which makes the phone runs out of power faster. the ability to disable the effect in the game is not observed.
The game is too easy please complicate it. even my little brother is more than 10i levels passed neyigrafiv!
The game is cool but 3 stars because 1 hangs 2 too easy levels 3 ads ads infinite ads
Dear developers! Why is the second level screen becomes black (all) and control is not possible, so 1 star fix it please!
I downloaded the game, passed the first level (I think so) on the second game as if the screen is almost completely darkened except for a few pieces of the playing field, all blinking and does not respond to click, maybe I have some problems, tell me or fix the game. Thanks.
The game shows that the cool but,I go into the game and immediately I have all black and the screen and the hole and blocks! (For MI do not advise.)
I play level 1 (part 2) and the game just freezes and the screen becomes black and only a small piece of normal. please fix it and the game will be great

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