Epic Mine MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Download Epic Mine MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android ver. 1.8.4
Name: Epic Mine APK
Version: 1.8.4
Category: Arcade
OS: Requires Android - 5.0 and up
Installations: 1,000,000+
Author: Black Temple
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Epic Mine for Android is a cool game, released authoritative author Black Temple. For installation games you must test your software version, necessary system compliance games depends from mountable version. For now - Requires Android - 5.0 and up. Not jokingly look closely to mentioned criterion, because it is primary claim developer. Then check presence at personal smartphone unused space memory, for you smallest size - 91M. Recommended your release more space, than needed. During operation games information will be to be written to memory, that will increase final size. Move all kinds of unwanted photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Epic Mine for Android, uploaded version - 1.8.4, at site avaible version from April 8, 2021 - download up-to-date version, where were corrected problems and hiccups.


Beautiful graphic component, which crazy plastically enter in game. Cheerful music tracks. Fascinating games tasks.


Not clear control. Impressive system needs.

Who needed download Epic Mine MOD APK?

You like have fun, it follows from this game for you. Especially will fit that, who wants good and with benefit spend free time, as well as mature games fans.


THE GAME IS VERY COOL!!!! But I had a bug. I put open the chest (royal chest). The time has passed. There was 1 hour and a couple minutes left. I went to the mine lost and clicked continue. The video was loading. At the end it did not load and the game lagged
Hi everyone !!! Cool game . Thanks to Teroser and Nykem for playing !!!!. Graphics are cool and gameplay too. But there are some bugs. 1) When you open the chests that hacker, you have a chest does not open and does not give resources 2) Sometimes when you win a tournament, the game does not give you a chest for winning. Fix please !!! And so the game is cool !!!
Great game and idea, but there is a bug, when I open chests or put on melting resources, then after leaving and entering the game after min 10, then the time of opening, melting does not decrease, but increases. There are screenshots. It would be nice to fix. Thank you in advance.
8/10 1.The most sore spot is watching as in the beginning the animation is a little bit jerky 2.Graphics, music, first person is very cool 3. When it comes in it takes a long time 4. And the MOST IMPORTANT THAT THIS WAS DONE TEROSER I will say so I love it 5. I would recommend adding mobs at least any ato very boring 6. I ask you to do so that this game is gaining popularity as your channels!
(Letter to Nyukem) Hi, The game is good, You can add more in the mine turns, for example: you dig and there is a choice where to go to the left or right, well, you can and straight ahead. And I also like to watch "Survival in Russia. It turns out very interesting. (I do not know why not a lot of bays, but I think there should be a lot more). Shoot more please, I understand the time to rest a little bit, but thanks for this, too :) ------------------------------------------------------------ Твой подписчик
Idea is good, all good, but ahahaha Such a slag: Buying from the trader ingots, crystals written off, ingots do not give (periodically); Absolute absence of balancer in pvp, against you will throw 80% of people who are either just pumped up you, or just one player wins one push, and then it turns out that he is ten times more pumped you, well, this is absurd; and pumping speed in times less than the game progress Default mobile jerk in general. Once a week you can go for a ride.
The game is cool, bugs do not meet so far, but the optimization can be done under 1 gig RAM well or do light version with bad graphics but with the same capabilities. good game, I advise all and good luck to developers in the developers and initiatives.
I thank the creators of this game very, very much, because they have tried on the graphics and everything else. when I heard about this game I was looking for it, but I do not have, and then I saw the name and decided to repeat it Google Play. and now I enjoy playing it no matter what. once again thank the creators of this game.
In fact, I liked the game. Started playing recently, but there is already an observation. When you finish going through the mine on the star, that is the second time, the game hangs and stops. And also lags badly the intro video. I ask you guys to fix this problem. And one more thing: hello to Teroser from a subscriber;)
The game is great, I play since 8-9 years, I had an iPhone at the time) is certainly a minus, but not for me. Looking at this game,and remember past times))) Of course the one downside I do not like the fact that when you delete and download back this game,the process is not saved. But I want to tell many: So you do not delete this game, to save the process. I will never get tired of going through this game from the beginning, because every time something can happen, and you come to your luck)
The game is great! But there is one bug: when after completing a level you press the button in the upper right corner (again), it opens the next level, instead of the level you would like to pass again. But the game is good, 5 stars)
In the game does not give my old data is not saved, although I saved in Google yesterday played well today I can not go what just did and reinstall it all the same does not go and multiplayer is not fair in the beginning of a weak and then all strong and the last is not the daughter watched Riklama and I do not give crystals
At first the game is interesting... But then it gets boring quickly. I played it for two weeks, and then abandoned it for four months. For one figurative gameplay minus, and so the graphics are quite nice (Ore in the dungeons do not count)
I would have said the game was great before, but not now that it has turned into a dull clicker. I used to have an account, but after I abandoned the game and decided to come back it evaporated. After I downloaded the game again, I always began to disappear progress first tier and after three days, the game stopped starting referring to the lack of internet while working wi-fi router. In general I hope that you will work on the bugs as during my absence from the game it became terrible
Does not protect purchases from the merchant and just takes away the crystals, ads that give crystals do not give crystals, the enemy is always with a powerful pickaxe, a lot of ads to at least take a pick for 10 damage more "look 66 ads and get a pickaxe! BEAUTIFUL, the rest is normal but still have a lot of bugs
Actually the game is not bad, but before it was even better, I do not understand why they had to remove the point!!! And this is honestly not very many people did not like it. Hopefully make a better selection of opponents on this is all. Hello nyukem and teroser!!!
Hello developers, the game is good, interesting, and good idea. In terms of clicker game just topchik there and bosses where you really need to spam fingers, but the game gets bored quickly, I want some kind of variety. But the game is not bad you can download and kill time and pump your fingers.
Manchmal schwingt meine Spitzhacke nicht auf Klick und das kann mich wirklich aus der Bahn werfen. Aber sonst ist die Erfahrung so weit ist großartig!
Macht wirklich Spaß, irgendwie schade um die Werbebilder, aber was soll man machen
Ich liebe dieses Spiel, es ist einfach das Beste
Legit hat alle meine Daten nach der Aktualisierung zurückgesetzt :/
Ich weiß nicht, was ich tue, ich habe dieses Spiel gerade gelöscht, aber dieses Spiel ist so verdammt episch, dass es mir weh tut, Alter! ......
Es ist ein lustiges Spiel, aber ich wünschte, es hätte ein Ding, das dir sagt, wo du Mob-Drops bekommst, wie z.B. wo ich das Netz oder den magischen Staub bekommen kann.
This game I really like it but there is one nuance, in the latest update appeared infinite download and now I can not play, I put that so far 5 stars if this bug is not corrected to change the 2-3 stars
The game is great, but the 4 stars because I have a bug I sometimes when I want to open a gift or chest just do not open gear spins and longer than normal have to restart and do not open chests and gifts as well as the game is great but with the update was sometimes such things happen I even erased the cache, but only helps reinstall and from that again have to start before the update this was not corrected please would be 5 stars if it was not this bug.
In 2018godu I played this game and I did not like it, I had to choose the right dice and it was difficult to understand everything, now there is no that and the game is just the bomb!
I really like the prelude, dear youtubers newkem and terosir pomoymu more demaster? so mine after unveiling no lag and before that it flew that button is not pressed Tiperi it is not! but there is a problem when I try to update a lot of burns? can it well at least a little bit to retract a it is not possible and so 5!!!
Game super only if not a BUT, on a fairly weak phone game lags, games that are a head above the graphics are perfect, but here is slow actually because of this is not very easy to hit the mark when destroying walls, I hope you hear and pofixet it, and the game is Bomb, I recommend everyone, this is something new and interesting!
Developers well done, almost all feedback is answered! I propose to make a system of rebitches. You can also add the top rebitches. Just the number of lags decreased, but in hard mode, when the bar is moving fast, appear lagyutsya. Shortcut is much better than the previous one. So you in general, well done, listening to users, fixing and otrobatyvayut game. I hope you do not throw. The first time I saw these mechanics, but somewhere similar saw, I do not remember what and not very similar. The game is super, good luck!!!

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