Big Hunter MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android

Download Big Hunter MOD APK [Unlocked All] for Android ver. 2.9.8
Name: Big Hunter APK
Version: 2.9.8
Category: Action
OS: Requires Android - 4.1 and up
Installations: 10,000,000+
Author: Kakarod Interactive
ScreenShots Youtube Video
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Big Hunter for Android is a popular game, issued validated author Kakarod Interactive. For unzipped application you required test your Android version, smallest system requirement games conditioned from downloadable version. For you - Requires Android - 4.1 and up. Not jokingly take a look to mentioned criterion, because it is primary requirement developer. Next check presence at your hardware empty space memory, for you required size - 95M. Recommended your clear more space, than needed. In progress operation application information will be save to memory, that will raise final size. Move all kinds of stupid photos, cheap videos and unplayable applications. Hack Big Hunter for Android, uploaded version - 2.9.8, at site avaible correction from December 28, 2019 - download new version, in it were corrected defects and hiccups.


Colourful graphic, which very coherent fit in game. Cool musical tunes. Attractive games conditions.


Not convenient control. Heavy system conditions.

Who recommended download Big Hunter MOD APK?

Love have fun, therefore downloaded game for you. Especially will like that, who intends good and with interest spend active time, as well as active to players.


Total commercials 1 minute played and 2 commercials were there
This game is awesome. You have to think where to shoot and where the weak points. The game is very good.
Game Detsva, but the minus is that the save can not return, I click to return progress, well not a fig does not work.
The game is not bad, even interesting and addictive that- to pass to the next beast must pass 50 games on the past, this is not a minus no, the fact is that it is boring, 50 games on the creature which you have already learned by heart. ( And also ZANORFITH THIS FUCKING BIRD (LET HIM GET BACK IN DEBATE BAGS)
Nerves just fly off because the mammoth at 80-100 days just without any attacks and gesturing head starts to run into you, and when it hits, as if trying to kill just trunk and not horns
On honor 9 lite, blind spots in the left side, you start to pull the projectile and instead the character just starts to move away as a tap on the right side and no way to fix it, even restarting the game
The game is good I really liked it but advertising won sometimes advertising, lost sometimes advertising, when you click on the gift for advertising at least 500 coins give and this is just so and in return nothing
The game is good, but why 1 star
The game is cool but there are minuses. 1.(minus) why hit all the places to go if the elephant has 0 life, please fix it is very difficult to hit them [Thank you for your attention].
The game is really cool, there is a good storyline, and also very addictive can be a good roll in the time if you ride in public transport or in an armchair just to relax but I like everything done qualitatively no negative:)
The game is great but one thing but at 60-70 level mammoth very difficult to hit the mark and so put 5 and yes lower the speed of the bird and the pumpkin
Great game! Not a lot of advertising and it is not intrusive, a lot of nice bonuses. Appealing to the developers, I suggest to make the leader a little faster and strengthen some of the weapons, as they look quite useless against the rest. Thanks in advance !
Very cool game, but dear developers add to the game other characters and with other abilities and new prehistoric animals
If you downloaded this crap, then immediately delete, there is no balance and it was impossible for this crap rarab normal balanced levels to make.
It would be nice to add multiplayer and then share with people (tribesmen) prey as attacked so much and got, and then somehow not good leader goes hunting alone although you can with the tribe (if the developers will develop).
Add weapons such as katana, crossbow, baton, etc. From the animals terrible wolf, megalania, sarkazuh, short bear, shark, and zdelayte new two modes fishing, and underwater hunting and zdelayte hunt raznobrazny hunt
The game is ok, but the levels are getting harder and harder each time could you make it a little easier and so the game is very cool and funny
Great game! Interesting gameplay, attractive, fun design. In general, an excellent time-killer. But all not a lot of spoiled advertising, but it is not so much, and also you can play without internet. I recommend it to everyone!
The bird constantly makes the same kick as soon as it gets close, escape is not possible, and it happens often
Game Detsva, the only downside is that you can not return the save, I press return progress, well, no shit does not work.
A worthy mark for endless advertising. The game? What game? There are only ads from unrealistically greedy developers.
Gutes Spiel, aber langsame Progression von Elfenbein dauert ewig, um Elfenbein zu gewinnen (Elfenbein ist im Grunde, was Sie verwenden, um Waffen zu aktualisieren), wenn Sie mehr Elfenbein rundum bekam. Vielleicht dann das Spiel wäre besser, aber insgesamt andere als langsame Elfenbein gewinnen gutes Spiel
Tolle Mechanik, aber leider sehr repetitiv und wenig herausfordernd. Nach Tag 10, wenn man aufgefordert wird, das Spiel zu bewerten, wird es langweilig. Könnte ein paar mehr erzählerische Elemente gebrauchen, Bilder würden reichen, da Englisch eindeutig nicht die erste Sprache ist. Es gibt hier eine großartige Grundlage für etwas viel, viel Größeres, und das Spiel erweist sich selbst einen schlechten Dienst, wenn es sich der Gelegenheit nicht stellt. Vorschlag: Um den repetitiven Charakter des Spiels zu kompensieren, sollte man eine schnellere Entwicklung des Charakters ermöglichen.
Das Spiel scheint herausfordernd auf den ersten, aber bald wird es langweilig coz seine zu repetitiv, auch ich weiß nicht, was falsch ist mit den Tieren, manchmal gehen sie außer Kontrolle und töten Sie, auch wenn Sie zurück aus kontinuierlich, einige schwere Fehler. Auch bitte aktualisieren Sie das Spiel und fügen Sie mehr Ebenen, deinstallieren ab sofort
Quickly bored, one-liners. Not enough more human and animal movements
The bird constantly makes the same kick as soon as it gets close, escape is not possible, and it happens often
The creators I and my friend tried to pass the game and passed it. Please make a HUGE world, for example a leopard, and the most powerful dragon or dinosaur and a HUGE arsenal of weapons for example catapult pump (the most expensive), and that you can ride a horse and move them quickly and by the way boring to play alone to add the network with a tribe or animal
A lot of advertising because of this application lags and crashes, and just do not give awards and level 8 to pass very difficult, maybe impossible

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